Metaverse is a simulated virtual reality which functions with the help of virtual reality and also augmented reality. This space was created to focus on socialization by primarily mimicking user interaction from the real world. Now imagine lounging in your pajamas and signing into the Metaverse, one avatar approaches you and passes sexually lewd comments, or worse tries to grope you in a way that is imitative of the real world. Yes, women have raised such complaints multiple times in the past year, so much so, that there has been a sharp hike from 15% to 25% atop the past few years in the reporting of such incidents. 

As Facebook envisions the successful launch of their metaverse and virtual reality social platform ‘Horizon Worlds, trouble has started to brew. Sexual harassment has decisively become commonplace in the Metaverse. Needless to mention sexual misconduct of any kind becomes in the Metaverse becomes twice as intense. Metaverse adds another layer to it as opposed to the traditional internet msuchg it quite scarring for the victim.

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The Burgeoning Of Crimes In The NFT Market Place 

It is not difficult to understand why exactly sexual predators have found a way to harass and threaten users on the Metaverse. The answer is fairly simple and straightforward, Metaverse in many ways is scarcely a replication of the real world. These crimes endure to happen in the real world, perpetrators continue to get away with comparable behavior and victims yet back while again are left feeling vulnerable and powerless.

Virtual realities in a way make users feel that they are physically present in the particular space that often urges users to behave and think like they normally would. Why alike impropriety is far more dangerous in the Metaverse is because there’s a good chance which the perpetrator maybe get away scot-free. 

Regulatory measures have been on a rise in the token market and in fact, cryptocurrencys have suffered because of comparable measures. The NFT marketplace and Metaverse on the other hand have seen a considerable amount of at it users. This has in turn shot up facts of bullying, threatening, stalking, and other forms of harassment. 

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The biggest tech companies parallel as Microsoft, Apple, and Google have all embarked on their endeavors to create metaverses. Despite similar tech giants have afterwardrely invested in their efforts to create a virtual reality, cback whilerns regarding safety further maintain unaddressed. This brings us to a pertinent question that is, can the Metaverse ever be free of akin miscreants completely? 

Other forms of criminal activities have further been excessivelighted, for instance, “Rug Pull” that is a common way of swindling money has back although again been on the rise. A “Rug Pull” is a fraud promotion of an NFT asset on social media. After prices of the NFT have risen, the scammer sells the asset that makes the asset useless in terms of rate. 

The Recent South Korean Intervention

Recently the South Korean media regulation agency has stepped in to protect Metaverse spaces in order to safeguard users from sexual harassment. Specifically, South Korea’s Communications Commission has decided to look into evidences cone time beforerning minors. The council looking into this will address cone time beforerns relating to violence, inclusivity, and the obvious, sexual misconduct, and crime.

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