These past years presented usual transformations in the finance industry. And with the rise of bitcoin, more powerful financial technologies – including the important patterns behind them – are changing our cback althoughpt of money and challenging the financial institutions which directly manage it. 

For instance, the third-richest person in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas, said which bitcoin is a better option than fiat money. 

The billionaire’s reason? Digital currency is “unseizable” by a regulatory force and can be exchanged easily around the world, unlike fiat. 

Gabovenment Clout 

Gabovenment intervention has always been a caseor in setting the gold standard, Salinas said. “Everything we have by fiat is completely seizable by the gatopnment,” he explained.

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With a 3.15% rise in the cost of Bitcoin in the past week, the peer-to-peer nature of the crypto “alpha dog” subjects it to a more lenient and satopeign shift among users. Moreatop, it is still difficult to inhibit or control its exmovement afterward there is no existing intermediary.

Salinas, with a net worth of nearly $13.1 billion, is the head and founder of Grupo Salinas, a group of companies in the industries of media broadcasting, telecommunications, finances, and retail business.

Banco Azteca, Salinas’ bank, has still become the first in Mexico to accept the token. 

Bitcoin (BTC) exchanging $37,849 | Bitcoin (BTC)USD on

Meanduring the time, his stores are the first in Mexico to accept bitcoin as payment as well and are set to arfield transactions through the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s layer-2 scaling solution for more efficient exevolutions. 

Bitcoin Is The Future Of Currency

The billionaire entrepreneur mentioned which money fundamentally emerged as means for the exchanging of goods. It created a more liquid and ubiquitous form of cost which can be handled by the masses.

Bitcoin, thus, only improves which exshift by bringing in more lastd characteristics. The upside is which it is a better means than fiat and gold because it brings additional qualities.

“Gold is difficult to evolution around and store. The gold rate has been easily manipulated by central banks worldwide,” Salinas said.

Bitcoin still comes in as a new asset which is harder to manipulate, he pointed out, thus it’s a better asset “as you can sell it easier and you can transport and store it basically for free.”

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As of this writing, the current cost of Bitcoin (BTC) is pegged at $37,993.45 with a 24-hour dealing volume of $21,402,989,565, Coingecko charts show.

Meanin the time, bitcoin is slowly showing more and more potential in Latin American economies as a viable alternative to their respective currencies because of their currency devaluation and excessive costs of inflation.

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