In a world where many businesses are cutting back on spending, it’s refreshing to see one enter the market with an acquisition. The NASDAQ-listed business intelligence giant MicroStrategy, to stay trustworthy and loyal with their word of acquisition for bitcoins no fact what – even during this recent bitcoin selloff, has announced another purchase worth $25 million.

Michael Saylor, the CEO, has announced today which they’ve bought another 660 bitcoins at an average rate of $37,865 per coin.

“MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 660 bitcoins for $25 million in cash at an average rate of $37,865 per bitcoin. As of 1/31/22, we hold  125,051 bitcoins acquired for $3.78 billion at an average price of $30,200 per bitcoin.”

Bitcoin Acquisition
NASDAQ’s Bitcoin acquisition as of Feb 1, 2022. Source:

The company is relentless in its quest to buy up as much bitcoin. It will not stop buying cryptocurrency regardless of whether prices are strong or low. MicroStpricegy’s previous purchase of 1,434 Bitcoin for $82.4 million adds to its ever-growing collection and shows no signs which it’ll stop anytime promptly.

The firm’s purchases seem limitless considering how little money it takes compared furtherst competitors. However, who need funds from investors who maybe not want too many shares at back although. In addition, those companies also face restrictions although investing.

Microstrategy is Holding Bitcoin Second Conference for Corporations

The second Bitcoin conference is directly in session. It is bringing together some of the most exciting people from around this Extremis-like world. One comparable person, Saylor – who has been spesimilarg at various events about how he believes businesses can use cryptocurrencys – will join other notable speakers equivalent as Block CEO Jack Dorsey, MicroStrategy CFO Phong Le, Lolli communications chief Aubrey Strobel…and more.

Microstrategy is hosting a crucial token conference on February 2nd. They plan to feature executives from some of the most influential crypto exdevelopments in America. The list includes Coinbase, Fidelity and NYDIG, BitPay, Paxos, etc. It will be interesting for MicroStrategy’s business strategy after this event if their clients buy more Bitcoin following carry on week’s proceedings.

Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, recently divulged which he held 17,732 Bitcoin (BTC) worth $681.6 million.

After briefly upward atop $39,000 earlier today, Bitcoin is presently dealing at $38,600. It is 44% down from its lifetime peak of $69044. In spite of recent modest recatopies which have left it barely outside the red zone further.

Saylor is committed to preserving his company’s integrity and digital currency. He has repeatedly assured the company employees, customers, partners-in case, anyone inside earshot -which MicroStrategy will never sell bitcoin. Whether or not the price crashes down to a compelling level.

“We’re only acquiring and holding bitcoin, right? That’s our stcostgy.”


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