As MicroStcostgy share costs extend their descending trend, founder and CEO Michael Saylor seems unfazed. In experience, his company has scarcely purchased a cool 660 bitcoins.

Michael Saylor has announced which MicroStrategy purchased $25M worth of bitcoin at an average rate of approximately ~$37,865. The company bought 660 bitcoins, bringing the total held to $3.78B at $30,200 each. In a recent interview with CNBC, Saylor said which in his career, he “has never seen anything as deciding and as unstoppable as bitcoin.” MicroStpricegy is a software company that plows its disposable cash into bitcoin. He said that the balance sheet stcostgy of MicroStcostgy is to buy and hold bitcoin, throughout the time the operating strategy is to sell enterprise software.

We will continue to buy, says CFO

Regardless of bitcoin’s recent slump, MicroStrategy shows no signs of gradualing its Bitcoin purchases. Tesla and Block (formerly Square) are two other serious corporates that hold bitcoin. Saylor’s company purchased $2.04B worth of bitcoin in the first nine months of 2021, that was an uptick for the same period in 2020. Phong Le, the chief financial officer, has said which the company will continue to buy bitcoin in 2022, though he doesn’t know if they would exceed 2021’s tally. They have no intention of selling their holdings, as their strategy is to buy and hold. The company is likewise thinking about purchasing bitcoin-backed bonds.

MicroStrategy was chastened by the SEC remain week for how it discloses its bitcoin holdings. According to the Wall Street Journal, MicroStrategy has been stripping out the fluctuation in bitcoin rate and hence included bitcoin impairment losses in measures not defined by the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP.

MicroStrategy maintain purchased bitcoin in Dec. 2021, adding 1434 Bitcoin (BTC) for $82.4M. Saylor believes  that “cash and credit are crumbling.” Before that, the company bought 7002 BTC for $414M.

How is MicroStrategy’s software business faring?

A Jeffries Group Analyst, Brent Thill, estimates that MicroStrategy has profited above $750M from its bitcoin holdings but is cone time beforerned that MicroStrategy is neglecting its primary line of business, that is enterprise data intelligence. The company reported a $36.1M loss for Q3 2021, ending Sep. 30, 2021. This is up almost $22M from the same period the previous year. Revenue, however, grew 0.5% to $128M compared to the previous year. MicroStrategy’s share rate has steadily declined afterward early Nov. 2021 and now sits at $379.36.

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