NAGA to Revolutionize the Financial Markets & Stock Trading

Many financial technology companies have recognized the potential of cryptocurrencies and have adopted the mainstream ones to be offered as an investment option. The NAGA Group has always been enthusiastic about harnessing the blockchain potential for financial markets. Being a fully functional, publicly traded company, the NAGA Group aims to introduce a trading world that is free of commission.

NAGA became the world’s first ICO participant to have already held an IPO last year.  

About NAGA

NAGA’s products offer everyone easy and simple access to acquire, store, trade and invest in financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and virtual goods. NAGA owns several EU financial licenses. It has the advantage of being an already publicly trading fintech business founded in 2015. The NAGA Group has set up many companies that are leveraged on the latest technological changes in the financial markets. Their products include:

NAGA Trader

NAGA Trader is the product of NAGA that enables traders to trade stocks on a social network. It is also called the “Facebook” or “Social Network” of trading. At NAGA Trader, traders can trade or invest in a range of financial instruments like market indices, CFDs, and forex in a secure and transparent manner.


Switex, another product is an exchange for in-game digital goods backed by the blockchain. With the platform, users will be able to trade their in-game items, generating value from their time and passion. The platform also provides a space for the publishers to sell their virtual goods.

Through their token sale, the NAGA Group has introduced the NGC (Naga Coin) and NAGA Wallet. The NAGA Wallet lets users buy assets listed on Switex and NAGA Trader with NGCs.

The Market Reputation

The NAGA Group has the advantage of already having 3 to 4 billion dollars’ worth of monthly trading volume on its platform. The group has also acquired investments from the global financial community, including one of the oldest banks in Europe, Hauck & Aufhaeuser. Being a fully functional entity with a growth rate of 400% since its IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE), the group reflects high stability in the ICO market. NAGA has got numerous financial licenses from CySEC and BaFin, while all of its operations are backed by a sound legal set up.

Looking Forward

With the current market cap of 200 million Euros, the NAGA Group is all set to revolutionize the way the banks and financial institutions work and provide the latest banking technology to the unbanked. By fundamentally democratizing the way traders trade stock with NGC, the company intends to offer equitable financial tools to the traders and investors who previously may not have had any access to them. Though a minimal commission is to be applied in the beginning, the NAGA Group intends to eliminate the 10% commission by early 2019.

To know more about the platform and start trading in an ever-expanding, transformational exchange, please visit

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