New Blockchain Platform Turns Data Into Real-World AI Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) could become a driving factor in what the future holds for global economic growth. As a new production factor, AI can change how work is performed and reinforced, introducing new sources and changing the way humans are perceived in driving business growth.

Accenture reported that AI could double yearly economic growth by 2035, and change how work is conducted by fostering new relationships between people and machines. AI’s impact on emerging technologies in developed economies may increase labor productivity by nearly 40%.

AI production cycle on Blockchain

A new Ethereum-based project, Dbrain, has developed a tool that makes data labeling for AI easier. At the heart of AI development, human effort on data preparation takes more than 80% of data scientists’ time. Dbrain provides a simple tool that streamlines this process. The end goal is to democratize AI, making it accessible to everyone.

Dbrain links all parties involved in the process of AI app development. Crowdworkers do simple tasks on image labeling and data validation. They get paid instantly with Dbraincoins crypto and can withdraw their earnings anytime. By labeling data more efficiently, data scientists can leverage the datasets and turn them into pioneering AI solutions. On Dbrain, businesses are at liberty to choose from existing solutions or request new ones from developers on the platform.

The mission is to prepare a Blockchain-based product that addresses the main pain points in the AI industry. CEO of Dbrain, Dmitry Matskevich, talked about some of the challenges involved in creating solutions based on AI, highlighting that “While creating our previous AI solutions, we tried to solve the problem of combining privacy and high-quality data mapping in different ways: mturk, dedicated data mapping farms in India and in-house specialists. The first two cases required us to transfer our data to the third parties, while the latter lacked speed: we simply couldn’t afford hiring 100 data mappers in-house.”

To address the concerns and ease the process, the benefits of Blockchain technology are proven to fit into the project’s core objectives. Based on Ethereum, Dbrain uses in-house protocols to tackle main challenges in AI adoption and development, like dataset quality, infrastructure costs, trust, and security.

By integrating an AI production cycle into one product, Dbrain combines data labeling functionality to ensure data security, create custom-made models, and validate results rewarding labelers and AI developers with cryptocurrency.

A proven business model with bold plans for the future

By bringing all parties involved in the making of AI solutions on a single platform, Dbrain may develop a win-win situation for the AI marketplace as a whole. Companies of all sizes could spend less by reducing data labeling costs, whereas crowdworkers are paid in crypto without being compelled to have a bank account.

Empowering the 2 billion people around the world who do not have a bank account is yet another Dbrain objective for the future. The new project aims to give people a chance at better living standards, as well as partake in the making of a global cross-border financial system powered by Blockchain. Although in its early development stages, Dbrain has already released an alpha version of the platform and proven its business model by closing partnerships with companies in different industries like fintech, IoT, software, travel, and e-commerce.  

The project’s team and advisory board are experienced in AI, business development, and scalable computing solutions. Prior to Dbrain, the team launched several AI solutions, including Icon8, an AI chatbot that applies an artistic style to any submitted picture and returns the result almost immediately. With more than 7.5 million users and tens of millions of images processed, it was ranked the #1 chatbot on Telegram and received a grant personally from Telegram CEO Pavel Durov.

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