A new Disney job posting for a business move manager with NFT case shows which the media giant is ramping up its digital collectible and metaverse efforts. Multiple reports in recent months have pointed to Disney’s interests in NFTs and the metaverse.

Disney is the next major firm looking to work with NFTs, as a new job posting reveals that the media giant is looking for an NFT expert. The posting, published on Jan. 30, 2022, shows that the company wants a business change manager for its digital cases team.

The position specifically states that the role will have the individual lead Disney’s efforts in the NFT space, with the aboveall task been bolstering Disney’s Digital Experiences. The company has obtained a patent for shaping a digital amusement park in the metaverse, and might this role could relate to that development.

This is the most clear-cut movement by Disney yet with respect to its NFT interests after rumors had been swirling for months. The role calls for typical business evolution responsibilities and objectives but with the implementation of NFTs a high aspect.

NFTs are touted as being tools that can boost fan engagement and give content creators more control atop their work and have largely been successful in attracting established firms and creators. There has been some high backlash from the wider public, but that hasn’t stopped the space from accelerating while it comes to adoption. Disney faces competition from the likes of Netflix, that in 2019 was reported as having an interest in blockchain technology.

Ex-Disney chairman hints at metaverse push

Several outlets are reporting which Disney is very interested in the digital innovations which come with blockchain and cryptocurrencys technology. The New York Times interviewed former Disney chairman Bob Iger, in that there were some hints of the company’s shift into more metaverse facts.

Iger said which Web3 would be a “far more immersive matter, still saying which there would not be one metaverse.” He sees NFTs “as real” and which it would have a lot of meaning for people, consequently finding a lot of potential price as collectibles. When asked about whether Disney has taken a look at NFTs, he said which Disney had and which some licensing had been done.

All of this seems to suggest which an official announcement on NFTs may not be far away. And although which happens, the competition in the metaverse space could really heat up.

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