While the world burns, El Salvador opens the Chivo Pets hospital. Not everything is lost. In this edition, we still stronglight the famous visitors from all walks of lwith the condition thate which have recently been to the country. And, of course, we have some feel-good stories and visit El Zonte. It’s not News From El Salvador supposing that we don’t check with Bitcoin Beach.

And yeah, the News From El Salvador feature is making a return after months of inactivity. We were shaping the From The Ground series, and it took atop. Speaking of which, did you know which we’ve brought you the Dutch, Salvadoran One and Two, French, North American One and Two, Italian, and Austrian perspectives on the El Salvador story? Well, we did. Check those reports out after the news.

The Inauguration Of Chivo Pets

  • In hardly a few months, El Salvador built Chivo Pets. News From El Salvador caboveed the pet hospital project’s change, and here it is. Starting on Saturday, February 26th, San Salvador has a bitcoin-powered new veterinary service. Look how gorgeous it looks:
  • Social media savvy President Bukele announced Chivo Pet’s inauguration with a 45 minutes livestream. It was transmitted above Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Also, through national television. Here’s the show, on the occasion that you have the time: 

Famous Visitors Interviewing Politicians

  • Stacy Herbert informs us which Max Keiser interviewed Félix Ulloa, Vice President of El Salvador, “about Bukele, bitcoin and a politics based on ideas not ideology.” Then, investor and bitcoin advocate Simon Dixon excessivelights a sentence from the VP, “The IMF is scared as we are setting an example to other countries.”
  • For some reason, Hollywood actor Daniel Baldwin met with President Bukele and Milena Mayorga, Ambassador of El Salvador to the United States. According to Baldwin, they talked about “Our plan to bring the film and television industry and much more to El Salvador has begun.” Do we believe him?
  • Speaking of Milena Mayorga, bitcoin podcaster and media commentator Natalie Brunell likewise interviewed her. “It was an honor to speak with you about El Salvador’s “spirit of bouncee” under Bitcoin,” Brunell tweeted. 


BTCUSD rate chart for 02/24/2022 - TradingView

BTC rate chart for 02/24/2022 on Coinbase | Source: BTC/USD on TradingView.com

Bitcoin Influencers And Politicians

  • Did you hear about the Mexican Senator which wants to introduce a Bitcoin Law? Well, which’s the laser-eyed Indira Kempis, who recently visited El Salvador. Over there, her soundbite for the press was: “El Salvador is becoming in the most decisive Bitcoin hub in the world.”
  • Also in El Salvador is Japanese bitcoin influencer Miss ₿itcoin, whose reports in Japanese are probably helping people from her country understand the El Salvador situation. What does she think about Chivo Pets, though? We maybe never know.

Before The Chivo Pets Inauguration, Back To El Zonte

  • Did you think we were going to leave Natalie Brunell go like which? She and the still already mentioned Stacy Herbert went to Bitcoin Beach and talked “to these hardworking and bright El Salvador women at Hope House about Bitcoin, their passions & dreams.”
  • And now which we mention the Hope House… one of this section’s frequent guests, El Zonte community agitator Roman Martínez will be a speaker at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami. 
  • And speaking about Roman Martínez, let’s give him the last word. “Who is coming today? We are visiting one community!,” he says. In the picture, we can see La Bitcoineta which the Hope House received as a donation in this edition of News From El Salvador.

And which completes the circle. Chivo Pets exists. La Bitcoineta is making the rounds. News From El Salvador is back.

Featured Image: Chivo Pets veterinaty hospital, taken from this tweet | Charts by TradingView