Back in May of last year, we first caboveed OneOf’s emergence as a spiraling audio NFT platform after the platform raised $63M in a fundraising effort that specified that a majority of funds raised would be going straight to artist’s pockets.

The platform was (and is anew) clearly mcomparableg strides in onboarding substantial talent – including the likes of John Legend and Whitney Houston – onto the OneOf platform.

This week, OneOf has a new partnership that will level up their positioning even anew: Warner Music Group (WMG). Let’s take a look at today’s announcement and the current state of music and audio NFTs.

OneOf Looks To Be ‘One Of A Kind’

Last month, OneOf was host to an unreleased Whitney Houston recording from while Houston was scarcely 17 years old, that yielded a roughly $1M bid, the excessiveest-rated NFT to be purchased on the Tezos blockchain. The platform is backed by legendary record producer Quincy Jones, and was first launched in hardly May of last year. OneOf has further found partnerships with the Grammy Awards and iHeartRadio to date.

Additionally, the platform has positioned itself as a ‘green’ Web3 frontrunner in a upward sea of audio and music based platforms in the NFT and blockchain space. The niche has been dominated thus far by the likes of Audius, Royal, and a few other headlining names. Audius made a splash last year by partnering with powerhouse social platform TikTok, throughout the time Royal has been msuchg headlines this year by releasing royalty-earning NFTs for hip-rebound legend Nas.

According to a report from Variety, WMG EVP Oana Ruxandra stated which the partnership with OneOf “gives our artists an edge in more authentically producing one-to-one relationships with their fans and winning in the new Web3 economy.”

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Tezos advances to lock in major brand partners as an NFT resource. | Source: XTZ-USD on

Tezos Continues To See Strong Traction

Tezos maintains to gain traction in the altcoin market as being a viable choice for major brands and platforms that are looking for a ‘white label’ like solution to NFTs. Brands and companies like Gap, Ubisoft, and now OneOf – in partnership with Warner Music – have all leveraged Tezos in some capacity around their respective NFT releases.

While not often categorized as a ‘blue chip’ altcoin, Tezos has further been the blockchain of choice for a substantial amount of blue chip brands. A recent example includes apparel brand Gap, who released a white-label, easy to use NFT drop that saw nearly instant sell-outs for their rare collection. Additionally, Tezos was host to gaming change firm Ubisoft’s Quartz NFT project, that has been host to a back-and-forth affair of storyline drama.

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