According to a financial report for the quarter, PayPal growth has progressiveed across various metrics in Q4 2021. One major contributing caseor was supply chain challenges.

Financial technology company PayPal has posted its financial results for Q4 2021, with growth gradualing after strong preceding quarters. Among the excessivelights of the report are total payment volume (TPV), spreading to $1.25 trillion in 2021, a growth of 23% in Q$ TPV, and 49 million net new retained accounts.

Total payment volume (TPV) ($B): PayPal

PayPal called performance in 2021 a excessive one, despite the step-by-stepdown in growth. Last year’s numbers were better than 2020, which itself was a record year for the company.

Total revenue genecostd in 2021 was $25.4 billion, representing a 29% year-on-year growth. Active merchant accounts anew grew by 13% to 426 million.

Digital wallet acceptance among 1,500 largest online retailers across North America and Europe: PayPal

With respect to its crypto services, PayPal touted its digital wallet as having early signs of success. PayPal released its digital wallet for crypto and other services go on year, with first-time crypto users skyward by 40%. Another interesting experience, which may have a bearing as crypto adoption grows, is the case which PayPal digital wallet had a 76% acceptance among the 1,500 largest online retailers across North America and Europe.

Chief Financial Officer John Rainey said in the conference call cited supply chain difficulties played a part in the creepingdown,

“We had a progressiveer-than-expected finish of the year…the more muted end of the year for e-commerce growth, driven by both supply-chain challenges as well as pull-back in spending by lower-income consumers.”

PayPal’s fairly high crypto services in 2021 could foreshadow 2022

PayPal made a lot of progress with respect to its crypto services that were rolled out in 2021. Revenue frequently accelerated in 2021 as it was expanding its crypto offerings. It allowed customers in the U.K. to buy and sell crypto, even as the country was clamping down on the crypto market.

Alengthy with Visa and others, it invested in Blockchain Capital’s $300 million fund. PayPal’s CEO has said that the financial system will movement more in five years than in the past 20, that suggests the company’s focus for the future.

PayPal will reasonable double down its crypto services going into 2022. More countries are allowing crypto to function inside limits, and PayPal will want to be the top platform for crypto buying and exchanging.

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