Peer-To-Peer Marketplace Powered by Blockchain Aims to Make Teleportation a Reality

Traveling the world in seconds through teleportation is something people have always wanted to do. However, the term is commonly associated with scenarios depicted in sci-fi movies like ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Interstellar’. Many view teleportation as a fantasy that will never be fulfilled. However, advanced technologies like virtual reality, 3D holograms, and artificial intelligence beg to differ. Exploring the wonders of Paris and enjoying a fuller experience through VR headsets and live streaming fills some of the gaps.

For many people, however, that’s not enough. Tele-tourism has risen to stardom in the past couple of years, though in the absence of a pioneering platform with top-notch video and audio features, the average consumer doesn’t get the complete experience he thirsts for. To help meet the demand and cater to people’s dire need to be everywhere in seconds, Blockchain-based platform UbiatarPlay enter the scene to provide a better solution.

At the core of UbiatarPlay lies the Ubiatar Inc technology stack

At the core of UbiatarPlay lies the powerful technology behind existing platform Ubiatar Inc. The new project aims to leverage the already available patented technology, apps, and software to develop a marketplace that puts the power of ubiquity in the hands of the people. Based in the U.S., Ubiatar Inc has an existing business model in place with over 2,000 active users around the world. The platform’s app is live and can be downloaded from both Android and iOS marketplaces.

By embracing Blockchain technology, Ubiatar has developed the adjacent platform UbiatarPlay to streamline user interaction, cut back on transactional costs, and ensure complete transparency between all parties involved without a middleman. One of the main objectives of UbiatarPlay is to provide job opportunities to people around the world, as well as enable travel enthusiasts to be everywhere in seconds without leaving the comfort of their homes.

UbiatarPlay’s unique value proposition

UbiatarPlay plans to become a human empowerment network geared towards people willing to become Avatars or hosts for other people (Usars – travelers, seekers of foreign services/products), and take them on an unforgettable virtual journey in exchange for UbiatarPlay (UAC) tokens. After downloading the app, users will have to sign up for an UbiatarPlay account, either as an Avatar (service provider) or Usar (service payee).

Avatars will use their smartphones to live stream video content desired by Usars, whether it’s a tour of London or a visit to a museum in Paris. On the UbiatarPlay platform, the Avatar embodies the Usar, and will act as their eyes and ears. This way, someone from South Africa can virtually experience what snow in Switzerland feels like in December from thousands of miles away. Avatars receive directions through the advanced graphic user interface (GUI) to ensure complete telepresence to the Usars.

Introducing the UbiatarPlay human app

UbiatarPlay will feature a wide range of projects for businesses as well. Local travel agencies, for example, can brand their Avatars, give them a personal identity, and use them to provide services pertaining to their industry. By joining UbiatarPlay’s Human Empowerment Network, people can market their business or services remotely and help others from different corners of the world get access to something that has always been out of their reach.

With the end goal to empower everyone to learn, meet, discuss, share ideas, and see places located at the other end of the world, UbiatarPlay is committed to rewarding all parties involved. The UbiatarPlay launch is planned for May 9. Thus far, the team has already gathered $6,800 ETH in their pre-ICO. With an estimated hard cap of $30 mln, the project seeks to continue the platform’s development throughout Q3 of 2018.  


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