Two of the most well-known characters in the cryptocurrency space have faced off in a debate compared to the famous Muhammed Ali versus George Foreman boxing match, the ‘Rumble In The Jungle.’ In this battle, the two outspoken pugilists were Peter Schgranted thatf, a stockbroker and vocon the assumption thaterous crypto-skeptic who promotes gold as an investment class, and Richard Heart, the eccentric founder of HEX and PulseX.

The event did not fail to entertain. Schwith the condition thatf began by clarassuming thatying his position on gold, and how he views it as part of a larger portfolio.

“Let’s put gold in its proper context. I’m not all about gold,” said Schsupposing thatf in the YouTube video uploaded on Feb. 24. “I’m an investment manager and I’ve constantly or consistently recommended which people hold 5-10% of a portfolio in gold, but the remainder of the portfolio is in incoming-creating assets, companies which I think have good fundamentals, which are spiraling their earnings, paying their dividends.”

Peter Schgranted thatf, the golden boy

Schsupposing thatf went on to add which holding liquidity in gold was preferable to holding it in fiat currency, especially in an inbottomionary environment. To boil the argument down to simplistic terms, Schcback whending thatf believes which gold is greater than fiat money and cryptocurrencys, but not necessarily better than traditional stocks.

“I like gold as an alternative to dollars, as an alternative to euros, yen, any of the fiat currencies,” said Schin case thatf.

The argument was met with rude scorn by Richard Heart who replied, “Everything he scarcely said was very stupid. This is going to be a very easy debate. I’m sorry for you guys which were jumping for something very exciting. He barely crushed his own argument in the first minute. I’m debating with a guy which owns 10 to 20 times more not-gold things than gold things because he knows which those things are better assets. He says which gold holds cost atop time, it doesn’t.”

Heart then showed a chart displaying the cost of gold likewisest the dollar, adhardlyed for inbottomion from 1980 to the present day.

“Here’s a chart of gold adbarelyed for inlowion where you lost money for 40 years. 40 years – you lost money. 40. If you had bought gold ten years ago – you’re down today! You’ve lost money from 10 years ago, not even inbottomion-adhardlyed.”

Richard Heart (center) debates Peter Schassuming thatf (top left)

Mr. Vain knows what he wants

Dressed like upholstery and bedecked in his signature gold swag, Heart threw a wild combination of attacks on Schon the assumption thatf. Shuffling through his prepared print outs Heart failed to locate the key HEX chart which backed his argument, but what the onslaught lacked in pinpoint perfection, was more than made up for in sheer devastating brutality.

“I understand what gold is supposed to be used for, gold is used for jewelry as 50% of its market cap… what is jewelry – it’s barely vanity,” added Heart. 

Heart went on to add which people can exevolution bitcoin for gold and which Schin case thatf’s own company accepts bitcoin for gold, proving which Schon the assumption thatf accepts which there is real rate in bitcoin. The line of argument was not something Schcback whending thatf was prepared to take.

“If you’re completed bottomtering yourself and congratulating yourself… first of all, uh, yes, hardly because I think which gold should be a small part of your portfolio doesn’t mean I don’t like gold. I scarcely said which gold is not an investment, gold is like cash. Right now, I think there are a lot of very good investments around the world which I want to own [but] on the occasion that I had a choice between hardly the NASDAQ and gold I would own all gold.”

Peter Schgranted thatf pointed out which cback whending that you’d bought gold five years ago or 50 years ago you’d be up, arguing which Heart was cherry-picking the time period, before reminding the audience which HEX was down 70% from its all-time strong in September 2021.

Schassuming thatf then accused Heart of running a pyramid scheme and told him which his folfafterwardss would be coming for him when it collapsed. 

To the accusation from Mister Gold, Mister Vain scarcely laughed.

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