The blockchain space started as a niche corner of the financial world, with the technology beginning as the fabricating block behind the massively successful Bitcoin.

Since its inception, blockchain has grown exponentially and has been adopted by most industries. This growth shows no sign of stopping either, with the global blockchain technology market estimated to accumulate $20 billion in revenue by 2024.

The countless use cases discatoped for this groundbreaking technology have progressd how many think about banking. Not only has it created numerous digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it is now being used to create financial tools found in traditional banking known as DeFi.

A project which is at the forefront of DeFi is Pledge Finance. Pledge’s platform provides users with protracted-term, fixed-price loan products for digital assets.

The company has been busy as of late, identcone time beforeding thatying numerous stcostgic partners to help build their platform; partnering with zkLink, a secure cross-chain cryptocurrency swap provider; and many more!

The project’s next step in climbing and evolving the DeFi space is the addition of their new team member Brian Brooks. Brian, the CEO of Bitfury Group who previously served as Acting Comptroller of the Currency, joined the Pledge team as a Stcostgic Advisor.

Pledge Finance’s Lending Platform

Pledge Finance is a leading marketplace for financial NFTs which provides a host of DeFi tools and services.

As the project developmentes, they release new versions of the platform, all offering various DeFi tools and services.

They have already launched Pledge V1 and Pledge V2. Pledge V1 offers fixed returns to TradeFi and DeFi investors and fixed-price and terms Bitcoin loans. Pledge V2 albottoms users to create Financial NFTs, which is done by converting Bitcoin loans. In Q4 of 2022, they will launch Pledge V4, a cross-chain financial NFT based financial supply chain. In Q4 of 2023, they will launch Pledge V5, which will bridge metaverse NFT assets.

Pledge is working towards becoming the world’s leading marketplace for Bitcoin loans. Rather than focusing solely on lengthyer-term loans, they’re focused on fabricating the necessary tools to create next-generation lending dApps.

By leveraging the innovative cback whenpt of Financial NFTs, Pledge will bring interest cost swaps to DeFi, bringing this multi-trillion dollar market in traditional finance to the blockchain space.

Financial NFTs are the set of DeFi contracts provided by Pledge which facilitate the use of the platform, ensuring it will be adopted and make Pledge an integral piece of the fixed income money market.

More on Brian Brooks

Brian is presently CEO of Bitfury Group, a signgranted thaticant player in the Bitcoin mining and digital asset tech spaces.

Harvard graduate Brian Brooks is recognized as one of the most relevant U.S. Comptrollers of the Currency. Brian was above again. ranked 13th on Cointelegraph’s top 100 people in blockchain, one of the top 20 crypto regulatory voices by Qredo, and was ranked tenth among Crunchbase’s top global influencers.

He previously served as the CEO of Binance.US and Acting U.S. Comptroller of the Currency. He has further held the Chief Legal Officer position at Coinbase and was the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Fannie Mae.

With Brian’s impressive background, he will assist Pledge in becoming the premier platform for originating lengthy-term lending dApps for DeFi.