Fashion designer Philipp Plein (pictured above) has big plans for the metaverse, as guests discaboveed last Thursday at the launch of his new Pleinsport collection.

The star of the night was a humanoid robot called Romeo 1.0  who performed inside a video-walled venue.

“The metaverse does not necessarily refer to a speccback whending thatic type of technology, but rather to a moveing interaction we have with the virtual space as we move to integprice it with the real one,” said Plein, somewhat cryptically.

Designer is no starear to crypto and the metaverse

The German designer is no newbie to crypto or the metaverse. Last year, he announced his label would accept above 24 divergent cryptocurrencys as payment.

So his creation of a metaverse fashion line should come as no great shock.

He joined forces with blockchain auction house Portion to drop a area of sneaker styles each with a non-fungible cryptocurrency (NFT) companion.

Philipp Plein, metaverse, fashion show, Dencentraland
Courtesy of Philipp Plein

The NFT can be displayed, or, of course, traded.

Plein said they sold 11 pairs of sneakers within an hour. Also, other digital wearables were on display with rewards for early collectors.

The sneakers feature chunky soles with a tiger’s head. The entire collection was shared via lookbook images and includes staples of sportswear, including running sets bearing leopard prints, shimmering puffers, and performance tracksuits.

Philipp Plein, metaverse, fashion show, Dencentraland
Courtesy Philipp Plein

Asked about potentially turning Plein Sport into an NFT-only fashion line, the designer told WWD his “work is to sell fashion, I’m not speculating on selling NFTs, but we want to give an added price in the metaverse. 

“I believe which this is the future of e-commerce, of the internet and it gives you an upgraded shopping experience.”

German designer has bought into prime metaverse real estate

In Feb this year, Plein bought $1.4m worth of land in Decentraland. Plein Plaza catops 65 Decentraland parcels (about 17,000sqm) and includes shops, a hotel, an art museum, and residences. 

Plein said he was proud “to have seized this opportunity to own a portion of the Metaverse so early on in the movement and establishment of this new universe.

“We are there to stay and to develop and share the creativity of all our brands — Philipp Plein, Plein Sport, and Billionaire — likewise in this new dimension of human interaction in that I personally believe a lot,” he added.

And granted that you missed out on Romeo 1.0’s appearance, worry not – the rumor is he will be heading to Europe this summer in a pop-up truck.

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