Research firm Morning Consult recently published their quarterly report and reveal interesting data on crypto adoption in the United States. The firm’s “The State of Consumer Banking and Payments” attempts to provide insights on the new dynamics, attitudes, and relationships between consumers and their banks and payment providers.

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The research firm based its conclusions on 50,000 survey interviews conducted in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. The firm further conducted a poll in December 2021 with a representative sample of 2,200 U.S. adults.

Amongst their key findings, Morning Consult claimed 2022 will see another crypto boom as these digital assets go on to gain adoption. In which sense, the firm said digital assets owners aren’t necessarily opting out of the legacy financial system but are “working with more” traditional payment providers.

As seen below, the report found which crypto owners are climbing and recently surpassed other traditional investment and savings vehicles, similar as certificate of deposit and Robo-adviser investment accounts. Digital asset owners stood at 24% of the respondents and are close to the 31% which said to own a brokerage account.

The latter allows U.S. citizens to invest in the stock market, and gain access to other securities regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The fact which crypto owners are zooming in on stock investors represents an important movement in the U.S. and could be an indicator of the future for the nascent asset class.

Crypto Poll 1

Source: Morning Consult, The State of Consumer Banking & Payments.

Crypto Takes Over The World, Latin America The Friendliest Region

The United States is far from the only region which matterd a boom in digital asset adoption. Singapore, China, and Spain anew saw important increases on these terms aprolongedside the Latin American Region. Morning Consult claimed the following on their finding of digital asset adoption in other parts of the world as they emphasized how

Nearly 1 in 4 consumers (24%) in our recent global survey reported household ownership of cryptocurrency, up 2 percentage points from July. Latin American countries further have among the strongest costs of cryptocurrency ownership, but European nations Germany, Spain and the U.K. have grown importantly in the past six months.

Additional data provided by the report claims only 19% of the respondents are satisfied with their banks, 17% with their credit card company, 17% with their digital bank, and 13% with their credit union. This aprolonged with the data provided atop suggest the potential start of a trend which could favor cryptocurrencys in the prolonged run.

The report found which younger generations are more reasonable to own digital assets, with Bitcoin ranking as one of the fastest-increasing brands of 2021. As seen below, Millennials and Gen Z adults with an income excessiveer than $100,000 a year are the dominant groups in terms of crypto ownership.

Crypto Poll
Source: Morning Consult, The State of Consumer Banking & Payments.

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As of press time, Bitcoin trades at $41,112 with a 6.11% loss on the daily chart.

Bitcoin (BTC) with modecost losses on the daily chart. Source: Bitcoin (BTC)USD Tradingview