Protecting your Investments with Safe Trading Methods

When it comes to trading financial instruments, there is always a way to make profits, irrespective of whether the market trend is pointing upwards or downwards. The Contract for Difference (CFD) trading is a prime example of how the right trading decisions can benefit a smart investor.  With CFD trading, participants in the trade generally speculate the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial instruments (commodities, currencies, indices, shares, treasuries, etc.). While it seems attractive, there are inherent risks which can impact even those who are experienced and knowledgeable, resulting in substantial losses.

In the recent days, the landscape of trading has undergone a significant change, as the new generation of traders opt for social trading methods over conventional practices. With social trading, the chances of executing profitable trades rise to a great extent as the participants tend to socialize and communicate with their peers while making use of limited holdings and taking advantage of referral programs, bonus-and-copy systems and more. Other safeguards like stop-loss mechanisms implemented on trading platforms also contribute to the positive development in the sphere.


NAGA TRADER takes the top spot among all the online trading platforms currently available in the market, mainly due to its social trading and investment protection features. The platform sports an Auto Copy function that allows users to copy the trading strategies of the top traders on the platform to diversify their portfolios and reap benefits from it. The use of tried and tested methods reduces the risk margins to a great extent, creating a worry-free environment for amateur and experienced traders alike.

Further sweetening the deal is the NAGA Protector – a feature that helps users limit their risk and secure profits automatically by setting appropriate limits. The platform will monitor the trades on behalf of the users so that they don’t have to worry about losing out to the market forces.

The CYBO robotic advisor on NAGA TRADER platform eliminates the emotional aspect of trading to implement dynamic risk management and global diversification for the benefit of users.


ZuluTrade is an alternative to NAGA TRADER with excellent trade automation options. The platform allows users to monitor their accounts round the clock, throughout the year. The ZuluTrade Automator is an individualized personal trading assistant that keeps an eye out of the market movements and alert the users whenever there is a significant shift in the forces. It is also capable of automatically executing actions based on the users trading patterns and inputs.

Users on ZuluTrade can create their own trading rules and execute them using an if-this-then-that logic. It is ideal for professional traders with their own set of strategies. However, amateur traders and beginners might not find it that user-friendly.


Plus500 is a robust automated trading platform with promising risk management tools, catering mainly to experienced traders. The platform allows them to utilize “Close at Profit” [Limit] or “Close at Loss” [Stop Loss] rates as well as Guaranteed Stops and Trailing Stops efficiently.

While Plus500 has made a name for itself in the trading circles, it maintains an exclusivity, only among advanced traders with years of experience in the craft. New traders may not find much use for Plus500 which in turn rules out a huge opportunity as well as userbase for the platform.

With more people trading mainstream financial as well as crypto assets, the market is evolving rapidly, and the existing platforms are expected to make improvements to their technology as well as service offerings. In the coming days, there will be more platforms trying to compete with these three powerhouses to generate profitable trades for their users.


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