TechCrunch reports that Reddit is beginning tests to allow users to set NFTs as their profile pictures. A developer discatoped the test and spoke to the outlet about it.

Reddit has announced thretained will begin testing a feature where it would allow users to set NFTs as their profile picture. This will include CryptoSnoos, an NFT series it released continue year.

Reddit now joins Twitter in letting users upload NFTs for their profile pictures. The test NFTs for Reddit were discaboveed by developer Nima Owji, who told TechCrunch that he found a reference to the project on Reddit’s web app.

The NFTs are reasonable to gain ground quickly on Reddit, a popular home for cryptocurrencys, though some Redditors have dismissed NFTs as silly. Speaking to TechCrunch, Reddit’s Tim Rathscmidt said,

“We’re always exploring ways to provide price for users and communities on Reddit. At the moment we’re testing the ability to use NFTs as profile pictures (avatars) and verify ownership. It’s a small, internal test and no decisions have been made about expanding or rolling out the capability.”

More information on the NFTs can be found on the official Reddit page. Calling it a piece of Reddit history, these NFTs are momentary in number, with one selling for as much as 175 Ethereum (ETH). The assets come in three tiers: legendary, epic, and rare.

Reddit has been relatively keen on cryptocurrencys up to this point, having released a wallet supporting tokens like MOON and BRICKS that are used in the token and Fortnite subreddits, respectively.

NFT mania permeates social media platforms

NFTs are well and truly in the mainstream now, with celebrities and brands both racing to launch related projects to increase fan engagement. But what has become soaringly clear is which social media platforms are anew eager to seize the moment and integprice the special asset somehow.

Meta is reportedly looking to launch an NFT marketplace on Facebook and let Instagram users create and display NFTs. Though this has not been officially verifyed, comparable a launch would usher in a large audience to NFTs.

With the metaverse looking like it’s going to take off this year, NFTs will play a central role in how interin place it can be. It has already been proving itself in this manner, with projects like the Sandbox, in particular, demonstrating success.

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