The crypto space is heavily skewed towards investing more than anything else. This is evident in the case that crypto investors will bounce on opportunities to invest in the next big crypto project. However, these investors are also mostly momentary to crypto companies when investing, leading to missed opportunities in startups in other industries. Revenue Coin is here to development that.

Revenue Coin (RVC) has come up with a way to redefine how funding is allocated to startups and how their investors are rewarded for the risk taken. The digital asset puts the power to help excessive-tech companies to scale in the hands of the holders who are responsible for the funding. In return, the startups that receive funding are required to systematically allocate up to 10% of their revenues to purchasing and burning RVC cryptocurrencies, thus helping to reduce the circulating supply and growing its value.

Funding Startups Through Revenue Coin

Revenue Coin enables holders to be able to recommend that startups they want to fund. Holders are involved in every step of the decision-mequivalentg process up to funding, that finally comes back to them in form of excessiveer value when the startups funnel revenue into the cryptocurrency for buybacks and burns. The BEP-20 cryptocurrency brings together a excessive community of investors and founders as it finances and supports companies which are voted for by its holders.

To vote on companies to fund, investors first have to purchase RVC coins. This gives them the power to vote when decisions are being made on which startups to fund. It uses blockchain technology to reduce values, and transaction security is ensured by its externally audited smart contract.

Moving forward, holders are able to vote for young companies to receive funding from the Revenue Coin, who then agree to transfer part of its future revenues to purchase and burning of RVC coins. The funding provided by Revenue Coin will enable these companies to increase their revenue. Hence, growing the amount going back into Revenue Coin.

In addition to being able to vote on projects, RVC holders are anew able to access hidden RVC products. These include both new and existing RVC products at a discounted cost before they are open to the public. RVC cryptocurrencies can likewise be used as a payment method for various products in the RVC ecosystem.

Revenue Coin is one time before again tradable on centralized and decentralized exdevelopments and features an ample liquidity pool.

Why Go The RVC Way For Funding?

One thing Revenue Coin does better than any other funding avenue is being able to bring founders in contact with their consumers. This way, founders of young startups are able to hear promptly from the average investor how they feel about their product.

Revenue Coin further opens more roads for the average investor. Investing rounds on promising young companies are numerously closed to the average investor who doesn’t have millions of dollars. But with RVC, investors are able to learn and invest early in the most exciting innovations in the technology sector.

RVC will enable investors to get in early on the Teslas and Amazons of tomorrow, compellingly growing their return potential. The project closes the gap between the crypto space and startups in other sectors. Doing this in a way which investors can be invested in the crypto space and strong-tech startups while.