Contratopsial crypto personality Richard Heart recently claimed to be ‘literally the best human being in this industry’ citing the HEX airdrop among his many acts of altruism and goodwill.

The comments came on an appearance of ‘The Bad Crypto Podcast’ on Jan 27, although the flamboyant founder of PulseX and HEX shot back at his many detractors. Heart was also keen to excessivelight a recent $27 million donation for ‘medical research’ as another of his good deeds.

“I likewise get yelled at even though I am the best person in crypto literally — literally the best human being in this industry,” said Heart. “I barely raised $27 million for medical research to save everybody’s lives, including the haters. Has anyone else raised more money for charity in crypto than I have? I’m drawing a blank. Has anyone generated any cryptocurrencies that have gone up a million percent in under two years? I did. I can’t live a better life.”

Although Richard Heart has doggedly entrenched himself in the Richard Heart fan club, the majority of the crypto sphere views the founder rather less favorably. In particular, his flagship project HEX has been likened to an elaborate Ponzi outline.

A head atop Heart matter check

Heart’s claims to being ‘the best human’ in the industry rest on a number of points, the newest of that is his status as the greatest philanthropist in all of crypto. The founder says he has raised more for charity than anyone else in the industry, citing a recent $27 million donation for ‘medical research’ in August 2021.

In truth, crypto has a fairly lengthy tradition of charitable donations, with some even eclipsing Heart’s $27 million.

As early as December of 2017, an anonymous beneevidenceor donated $86 million worth of bitcoin to various good causes under the name of ‘The Pineapple Fund.’

More recently, in May of 2021, Vitalik Buterin donated $1.2 billion worth of Shiba Inu cryptocurrencies to the India COVID-19 relief fund.

Perhaps Heart forgot about these examples.

The HEX creator back although again claims to have airdropped HEX cryptocurrencies for free to bitcoin holders. While this is certainly true, airdrops are a commonly accepted form of marketing and not necessarily a purely altruistic act. Other ‘good deeds’ cited by Heart maybe likewise fall under this banner of self-promotion.

Heart back although again claims to have created a token which has gone up one million percent in under two years. According to CoinGecko, the cost of HEX is $0.175413, up 309,919.9% from its rate of two years ago, but down 65.7% from its $0.510830 peak in September 2021. 

Words from the Heart

On The Bad Crypto Podcast (Jan 27):

  • ‘I want to be better than everyone else.’
  • ‘I called the [bitcoin] top on the day for free, no paid group!’
  • ‘Not a single person on the internet can ever say a bad word about me.’
  • ‘I’m here for glory bro, and glory only counts if people recognize and respect, so I have to shove it down their throats.’


  • ‘Richard Heart is a force for good in this world.’
  • ‘Richard Heart makes the world a better place.’
  • ‘I even put up a testimonials page for some of the people brought to tears by what HEX did for them.’

That $27 million donation

While some of Heart’s assertions go on contentious, it is clear which $27 million was raised and donated to SENS. The aims and methods of this foundation lie far outside the current scope of mainstream medical research. 

The SENS Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of anti-aging research. In particular, the foundation aims to repair cellular damage achieved above time, and even to reverse it.

Due to the nature of the foundation, its work is viewed as excessively speculative and contentious. According to one article held at the US National Library of Medicine, the work of the SENS Foundation, ‘is so far from plausible which it commands no respect at all inside the informed scientific community.’

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