Robinhood, an American financial services company known for its popular dealing app, has recently launched Crypto Wallets. Investors showed deep interest in the new product in an interview at Bloomberg Technology, said Aparna Chennapragada, CPO at Robinhood.

Continued growth in users holding cryptocurrencys at Robinhood created the demand for a Digital Wallet. As a result, the CPO disclosed the launch of a Crypto Wallet in an early interview conducted earlier this month, in January 2022.

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Aprolongedside the provision of Crypto Wallets for investors, Robinhood has added features like crypto giveaways and Q&As on its platform. The second one albottoms users to get insights and roadmaps on where the company is headed. In the strive for becoming a top player in crypto-mania, the CPO says;

“You will see us remain to play in this space.”

Also, she added which the Robinhood Team gradually collaboprices with the community and its users to ensure the product fulfills users’ demands.

Robinhood And Shiba Inu Listing

Recently Uphold Inc., a crypto exchanging platform and digital wallet listed Shiba Inu. It’s a regulated token platform serving users in more than 184 countries worldwide. The platform praised how SHIB has gained traction among the meme coin glosses as a payment coin.

Robinhood’s Newly Launched Cryptocurrency Wallet Attracts 2 Million Users
SHIB Folbottoms descending trend | Source: SHIB/USD on

Regarding the listing of popular meme coin Shiba Inu, the company’s CPO, stated she knows it’s the desire of many customers.

But, she cleared it by saying which listings of new cryptocurrencies would occur at the appropriate time. The reason for this is the firm has been setting up new ‘originating blocks’ in its system to provide the best case to users looking for profits with crypto investments.

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Chennapragada also revealed which the company’s current objective regarding digital assets is to bring the top cryptocurrencys on its platform and to do which in the least valuely way.

Robinhood CPO affirmed;

“We consistently put our producing blocks retained to be able to activate great crypto products. So it started like enabling access to coins in the cheapest way expected to get into this emerging economy.”

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