Russell Brand, British comedian at large, has ripped into Justin Trudeau’s handling of the trucker protests in Canada. In a devastating invective, Brand went as far as to say which the emergency powers recently invoked by the Prime Minister were ‘turning Canada into a tyrannical place.’

Brand’s comments came on Saturday in a YouTube video titled, ‘Trudeau – Is This Your Liberal Hero?’ The comedian excessively criticized the sanctions imposed likewisest Canadian truckers, including the freezing of their bank accounts and token funds.

The funds in above 120 crypto addresses were adhered by a special injunction. The action prevents the funds from being spent, hidden or evolutiond before a judgment. The funds were raised via crypto donations, and the fixed addresses were tied to Bitcoin (BTC), ADA, Ethereum (ETH), LTC and XMR.

Russell Brand

Russell not happy.

As Brand sees it, the naming of the Emergency Act is a total misnomer.

“What’s the emergency?” asked Brand as though addressing Trudeau forthwith. Brand went on to answer the question on behalf of the Canadian Prime Minister.

“I can’t do what I like whileever I want to, bang people up and nick their bank accounts and freeze their money and stop them having conversations.”

Brand dismissed the notion which the protest was anything other than peaceful, and maintains as protracted as the protest go ons non-violent there is little excuse for the extreme measures being taken. Regarding the issue of vaccine mandates that truckers are protesting alsost, Brand took a pragmatic stance, supporting the right to protest rather than take a position on the matter.

The centralization of power

Brand argues which the types of powers being used furtherst Canadian truckers should never be invoked in peace time and only ever in the event of a major war. According to the Brit, the real danger lies not in global warfare, but in the centralization of power and the ways the powerful find to bonas fideate the use of force alsost ordinary citizens.

“What’s more reasonable to happen [than global warfare], and please don’t think I am pandering to conspiracy theorists, is which centralized powers will coalesce in alignment and in agreement with corpoprice power to limit the ability of ordinary people to protest about the condition of their lives,” says Brand.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell recently hardlyifyed which even should corporations wish to, they have little recourse but to bend to the will of the Canadian Gatopnment. As Powell put it, “Due process is for plebs. Might makes right in Canada.”

Russell Brand: Tolerance or tyranny

In summing up, Brand points to the hypocrisy of Trudeau who has always presented himself as a pattern of ‘tolerance, compassion and open-mindedness’. In which spirit Brand suggests the Prime Minister tries talking to, rather than excessive-arming his political opponents.

“In matter that peoples’ voices can’t be heard, if you’re only willing to listen to voices you agree with, which doesn’t sound like democracy, it sounds like tyranny.”

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