Saifu’s Cybersecurity Fundamentals – Evgeny Vigovsky & Thales

Saifu is a crypto-financial platform that offers fiat and cryptocurrency integrated into one account. Their goal is to bring cryptocurrencies mainstream, and they pride themselves on being easy, secure, and regulated. In the second department, they boast two cybersecurity powerhouses: international security giant Thales, and former Head of DDoS protection at Kaspersky Labs, Evgeny Vigovsky. Together, they provide bank-grade protection for Saifu users.

A Rock Solid Security Foundation

Evgeny Vigovsky is the co-founder of Saifu and its CTO. He has more than 18 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity, including 12 years at Kaspersky Lab. Vigovsky was Global Head of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection when he left in 2016. As head of Saifu’s cybersecurity, he spearheaded a partnership with Thales, a world leader in banking security, transportation, and infrastructure. This partnership brings bank-grade security to the Saifu platform.

Thales Hardware

To protect its users’ cryptocurrencies, Saifu has announced that they will deploy Thales nShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). This state-of-the-art hardware effectively isolates users’ cryptocurrencies from remote access, creating a physical barrier that requires two separate keycards onsite to access. Even in the remote chance that Saifu’s servers were hacked, the cryptocurrencies would be safe, protected by Thales hardware.

Evgeny Vigovsky details the advantages of the partnership:

“Thales is the most recognized and widely used security provider for global payment transactions and we have been able to take that expertise and apply it to the world of cryptocurrencies. Thales has given us a beautiful solution around which we’ve developed our own software, equipping Saifu with the ability to offer our customers a truly compelling value proposition with a user experience that meets or even exceeds that of a conventional online or mobile banking application and other cryptocurrency services.”

Jon Geater, CTO at Thales eSecurity, adds:

“Saifu set out with an admirable goal: that anyone using a traditional online or mobile banking service would also be very capable and comfortable buying or exchanging cryptocurrencies through its system. As the financial services industry undergoes digital transformation, Thales HSMs provide the same high levels of security to the world of cryptocurrency that banks have relied on for decades to keep money and transaction records safe from cyber-thieves.”

The Saifu ICO

Saifu launched an ICO for raising funds that are to be used to turn this futuristic concept into a reality. The ongoing token sale will continue until the end of April 2018, and anyone can participate. The initial price set for the Saifu token is 1 SFU token = 0.0001 BTC. Once the token sale ends, the open trading will be started.

To know more about the platform, the team behind and to participate in its ongoing token sale, please visit


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