SKYFchain: Communication with Drones Made Reliable

The logistics industry in 2018 is a field hungry for innovations. Its main problem is still the human labor: not only is it pricey, but it is also not productive. That’s why Amazon has started using drones in their storehouses as they are more efficient and way cheaper in the long run.

In Russia, SKYF company is in the avant-garde of implementing unmanned carrier platforms. They have run several successful tests in the farming sector already, and with each passing day, SKYF gets more clients. But the problem is: if we use the unmanned carrier platforms, who will be in control of the operations done by the drones? How to make the system transparent for all counterparts? SKYF has figured out: blockchain is the ultimate solution.

SKYFchain, Unchaining Cargo Industry

Why blockchain? According to Alexander Timofeev, SKYFchain CEO, it was a very natural decision:

“We were thinking of the project’s operational part, not only about the drones but about how to make their functioning crystal-clear for the clients. We’ve asked ourselves: who will be responsible for the security, who will verify all the data? Blockchain allows to do it all. We thought: if our clients worry about the security and prefer to keep control, the blockchain solution is the best. Our aim is to give the clients exactly what they need”.

The huge plus of the blockchain solution is that it allows creating decentralized registers of information, supported by many parties at a time. The data stored within the blockchain is completely safe: it cannot be deliberately changed, damaged or hacked. This guarantees information security and full transparency. It also minimizes the role of all kinds of mediators and brokers in the process — which means, the unmanned cargo logistics can become unmanned at almost all stages.

The use of blockchain technology will reduce costs in the industry and bring the quality and the speed in it to a new level. The implementation of smart contract technology will mean a real revolution in the logistics industry.

How It Works?

The blockchain platform SKYFchain will record all the important events happening to a cargo robot within the supply chain. Every record made will have an own cost (denominated in a traditional currency and depending on the frequency of the transaction and other factors).

The system will generate invoices for a client to pay in any suitable way. The money received by the system will then be automatically converted into SKYFT tokens, as the smart contract logic only recognizes tokens and not the traditional currencies. After the invoice is paid, the operations can be processed by the drones. The platform will be able to implement financial calculations and logistics schemes of any delicacy.

SKYFChain will make the interaction between operators and their customers significantly easier. Moreover, it will give the institutions involved (think of financial and governmental organizations) a perfect instrument to control the assets. As a result, the SKYFchain distribution system will unite all the participants of the market. The sustainable development of the SKYFchain will be insured by automatically transferring 25% of every token used in the system to the Development Fund.

On March 1, 2018, the pre-ICO of SKYFchain was launched. The platform released 1.2 billion SKYFT tokens at a price of 3.9 cents. It is already pretty clear that the investors love the idea of SKYFchain. And, this is exactly what SKYF was counting on: to see an enthusiastic response from the market and make sure the project will draw enough ambassadors to spread their ideas further.

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