Non-fungible tokens continue to disrupt traditional industries to unlock new benefits and reach broader audiences. For example, Sneakmart, through Metakicks, aims to disrupt the world of collectible and limited-edition sneakers. Its NFT mystery sneakers boxes will give users access to virtual footwear, with a chance to win a physical pair to boot.

Digitizing The Streetwear Industry

Sneakmart, the French startup, acknowledges tremendous potential in NFT technology. Its streetwear-oriented focus positions the company to explore new opportunities and transform the way people acquire, collect, and resell limited-edition sneakers. The Metakicks venture under the Sneakmart banner helps users acquire unique, digitised sneakers of varying design and rarity through a mystery box drop in February 2022.

As the sneaker market is valued at over $6 billion in resale figures alone, it is one of the fastest-growing goods industries globally. However, participating in limited-edition drops can be tricky and many people will miss out. On average, an enthusiast or collector has less than .5% of getting in on any exclusive drop today. Those unfavourable odds require a different approach to level the playing field, which is where NFT technology comes into the picture.

Even so, it remains an appealing market, with some pairs going up 10x in resale value these days. Digitizing this market is crucial, and Metakicks serves as an example of what that future may look like. Everyone can start collecting digital sneakers with unique designs, 3D animations, textures, materials, colors, and more. The first Metakicks drop will feature 15 unique designs, ranging from normal to epic rarity levels. Every rarity has a different quantity associated with it.

Furthermore, Metakicks is the first NFT collection of sneakers distributed through a mystery box system. As a result, buyers won’t know what they bought exactly, adding a layer of suspense and excitement. Mystery box owners can either open the box and claim their NFT or resell the box on the secondary markets. With just 6,250 units available during the first drop, there will e plenty of excitement surrounding these digital sneakers.

Merging The Physical And Digital Realms

While Metakicks will immediately appeal to NFT enthusiasts, there is a physical element to these mystery boxes too. More specifically, there is a 10% chance of winning a physical pair of limited-edition sneakers when purchasing an NFT mystery box. A total of 625 physical pairs – including Jordan 1 High, Nike Dunk Low, and Adidas Yeezy 350 models – will be made available during the first drop. Winners can choose their size, and deliveries will be available internationally at no extra cost.

That 10% chance to win a physical pair of limited-edition sneakers is 20 times higher than buying a physical pair on release day. It is an excellent way to bridge the physical and digital realms, putting a new spotlight on collecting sneakers or investing in them for resale purposes. Sneakmart wants to bring together collectors and fans of physical sneakers to experience tomorrow’s fashion trends.

Sneakmart CEO and Co-founder Anthony Debrandt adds:

“At Sneakmart, we are passionate. We started Sneakmart for a reason and that reason is the love we have for sneakers. We have been collecting, buying and selling sneakers since we were kids. Today, with Metakicks, we want to offer sneaker lovers the opportunity to step into the Metaverse with something they really love: sneakers.”

Additionally, Sneakmart is establishing partnerships to create 1-of-1 Metakicks by collaborating with celebrities and brands. The French bespoke sneakers creator, Savoir Fair Paris, is the first partner to come on board. There will be a dedicated Metakicks box and NFT, with the winner receiving a Jordan 1 of-White Coffee Latte on top of the non-fungible token.