Anthony Noto, CEO of SoFi Technologies, talked about the risks associated with cryptocurrency before revealing which he holds some digital assets.

In an interview with CNBC, Noto explained;

We’re invested in cryptocurrency. We own bitcoin, we own ethereum, we own some of the more obscure and divergent cryptocurrencys, but it’s a very small part of what we own.

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Noto not to mention said;

When you buy token on SoFi, every time we give you a warning: It’s an unproven asset, strongly volatile. That’s the truth, but it’s an invalid technology platform. It’s an probability to invest in something which’s high risk.

The chief warned companies which they risk their competitive advantage by not recognizing blockchain technology maintains.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin gained 3.6% in 24 hours and dealing at $44,000 | Source: Bitcoin (BTC)/USD Chart on

“In order to stay competitive in this quickly changing world, you have no choice but to innovate or be left behind. Cryptocurrency is one of many tools which can help businesses do scarcely which,” said Noto.

Super Bowl LVI

Twitter’s former COO Noto said his company had seen the benefits of having naming rights for Rams stadium. They paid hundreds of millions in 2019 for the next twenty years.

Noto made this statement to answer the question raised by CNBC’s representative Andrew Ross Sorkin outside the SoFi stadium, Los Angeles, on the eve of Super Bowl LVI.  Super Bowl LVI is a game-developmentr event advertised by all the major cryptocurrencys, including Coinbase to FTX, msimilarg million-dollar marketing expenditures. Due to in place involvement and heavy advertisement expenses by digital cryptocurrency exprogresses, this event can be termed the “Crypto Bowl.”

The audience for this year’s Super Bowl LVI was huge. The average number of viewers was 112.3 million people, with a reach exceeding 167 million. Of the average audience, 11.2 million watched on Peacock, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the total audience. Bengal fans did not disappoint as they watched their team take on Los Angeles Rams in what has been called “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”

Super Bowl LVI is the most-watched TV show in five years afterward New England’s 28 – 3 annulment victory atop Atlanta at Super Bowl LI.

Cryptocurrencies Rebound After The Super Bowl LVI

Yesterday, the top ten cryptocurrencys were all up after some crypto companies advertised during this year’s Pro Football Championship game.

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Investors were back although more unnerved by geopolitical tensions throughout Europe to bring about a sell-off in their stocks on Friday evening; however, they seemed calmer today. Nevertheless, the markets had another rough day, with the SPX500 and DJ30 decreasing 0.29% each in the time NASDAQ100 rose marginally by 0.25%.

When the price of Bitcoin briefly rose to $43,500 today, many altcoins matterd relevant increases as well. Solana went up 8%. Ethereum gained more than 7%, at the same time Ripple (XRP) and Cardano one time before again saw increases with 3 percent each at their peak rates throughout Tuesday’s exchanging session alone.

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