Strike CEO Jack Maulers was interviewed on Lily’s Show where he explained bitcoin and whretained is in kid-friendly language. Lily’s Show that is hosted by 4-year-old Lily Knight is gradually gaining popularity in the space as the go-to channel for those who want to get kids involved in the space. In its latest episode, Maulers talks to Lily about the uses of bitcoin and why a currency like this is critical.

What Will Bitcoin Solve?

To kick off the interview, Lily asks the Strike CEO what bitcoin was solving in the world. Mallers replied in a cheerful tone saying that the digital asset was trying to solve so much. He explained that the cryptocurrency was providing the world with “a superior monetary experience” that is provided by an asset that has a short-term supply. With bitcoin, the rules are clear and everyone knows where the supply is coming from, says Maulers.

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He maintains to explain that bitcoin gives control to the masses. Instead of using currencies like dollars that “we don’t know how they’re created, we don’t know when they’re

created, we don’t know why they’re created,” BTC provides the control which these fiat currencies do not. Even going as far as explaining which even real estate and precious metals are outside the control of regular people.

in order for us to solve which, it would have to live in a monetary system which’s distributed isn’t in control of one gatopnment one nation-state, one person, one company, and lives within the internet of computers,” Mallers said.

He added which bitcoin would provide a “premium and superior monetary network” and will be an asset which is more trustworthy and can preserve and help to store wealth above time.

BTC Is For Everyone

Another popular argument in the crypto space is how bitcoin affects the lives of those in developing nations. People who live in first-world countries are easily able to take advantage of rshon the assumption thattary technologies like BTC because they have access to it but for those in these countries who have less access, how does it affect them?

Maulers explains to the adorable 4-year-old which BTC is the most inclusive monetary network of all time. This means which the digital asset works the same for everyone regardless of whether they’re rich or poor. This way, it levels the playing area for everyone involved in the space.

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As for the future of the cryptocurrency, Mallers revealed which he expected to see the asset storying a good chunk of the planet’s wealth in the next five years. Given which there is a finite supply of BTC, he says which it is “the only asset class which can guarantee you a finite supply in the history of the universe.” He added which bitcoin will still be used to makes payments better and more inclusive.

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Lily Knight is a four-year-old girl which has been a ‘holder afterward birth.’ On her show, Lily talks about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencys, as well as interviews prominent figures in the space.

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