CryptCraze analyzes the cost moves of seven divergent cryptocurrencys, including Terra (LUNA), which is now only 12% bebottom its all-time excessive cost.


On March 2, BTC captured a excessive of $45,332 but was rejected. This marked the fourth successive rejection from the $44,400 horizontal resistance range (red icon). 

Yet, afterward resistances get weaker each time they are touched, an eventual breakout over the line would be the most likely scenario.

BTC movementment
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ETH has been moving skywards afterward Jan 24, and it’s possible which the cost is dealing inside an spiraling parallel channel. The midline of the channel has previously acted as resistance (red icons), but ETH managed to move over the line on Feb. 28. 

Currently, ETH is attempting to hardlygranted thaty this line as support (green icon). If successful, an increase towards the resistance line of the channel near $3,400 would be the most likely scenario.

ETH channel
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XRP had been falling beneath a collapsing resistance line afterward Feb 9. It was rejected by this line four times, most recently on Feb 26. After all, it successfully broke out on March 1. 

Currently, XRP is in the process of validating the line as support. 

If successful, the next closest resistance range would be found at $0.845.

XRP Resistance
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LUNA has been moving ascendings afterward Feb. 24 after breaking out from a fafterwardsing resistance line. The skyward move has been rapid, leading to a local excessive of $97.29 on March 2.

Currently, LUNA is only 12% beflactives all-time excessive cost. 

A breakout atop the $100 resistance range could cause the cost to increase even quicker.

LUNA all-time strong
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On Jan. and Feb. 24, MATIC realized lows close to $1.30 (green icons). The second low seemed to cause the rate to break down below the $1.35 horizontal support field.

This evolution effectively created a double flat, that is often considered a bullish pattern.

MATIC has been moving ascendings afterward then and is now approaching the $1.85 resistance field.

MATIC double low
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Similar to MATIC, ZEN created a double flat pattern on Jan. and Feb. 24. It has been increasing afterward and broke out from a decreasing resistance line on March 1. 

The next closest resistance field is found at $41.85, created by the 0.618 Fib retracement resistance level.

ZEN Resistance
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KNC had been exchanging inside an increasing parallel channel afterward June 22, 2021. On March 1, 2022, it ultimately broke atop both the channel resistance and the $2.30 horizontal resistance field. 

The next closest resistance level is found at $3.10, created by the 0.618 Fib retracement resistance level. 

If successful in moving atop it, the next resistance would be at the all-time highs near $4.30.

KNC Resistance
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