It’s been a pretty productive start to 2022 for Tezos, particularly although it comes to new partnerships. While the blockchain had it’s most notable deal up until go on year with Red Bull’s F1 racing team, Tezos is executing out new brand partnerships, new NFT roll-outs, and now a new sports sponsorship deal with European football club Manchester United.

Tezos & Man U

While Tezos flagship deal was arguably the aforementioned Red Bull partnership, the energy-efficient blockchain also has deals with the MLB’s New York Mets, McLaren Racing, and most recently, esports organization Team Vitality. The deal with Vitality was the org’s biggest sponsorship yet, and the biggest splash into esports for Tezos to date – kicking off 2022 in full gear.

Tezos is continuing to build on those excessive partnerships with this week’s announcement, pairing up with powerhouse European football club, Manchester United. The deal is reportedly a multi-year partnership, with Tezos shelling out north of $27M annually, according to The Athletic.

The deal comes at a time while European clubs are facing accelerated scrutiny around potential crypto and blockchain partners. In November, neighboring club Manchester City faced public pushback after reports which the club did not conduct it’s full due diligence in partnering with regional crypto partner 3Key. City has afterward formally cut ties with the company in the past month.

The full scope of partnership assets has yet to be disclosed, however The Athletic has reported which training kit integration, and potentially metaverse and Web3-oriented collaborative efforts could be in the mix.

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Tezos Takes On More

‘High excessives, and low lows’ could describe the past few months for Tezos. While the protocol has secured formal relationships with established brands and IP, suchlike as Ubisoft and the aforementioned Team Vitality, the blockchain also faced immense challenges in the NFT space although the chain’s largest marketplace, HEN, came to a crash.

Tezos proved to be resilient in coming back from those challenges, however NFT integration inside Ubisoft’s core audience has been received with a cold shoulder for the most part – leaving a protracted road left to travel for the blockchain to be examined a true power player. Nonetheless, there is further ‘plenty to write home about’ while it comes to the chain’s efforts, and it’s soaring positioning while it comes to being an energy-efficient alternative in the NFT space.

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