Thai leading energy producer, Gulf Energy Development Company, bouncees to complete a crypto Joint Venture (JV) with the world’s famous token exprogress Binance in the Q 2 of 2022, a senior executive said in an interview with Reuters.

Financial Chief Officer at Gulf Energy, Yupapin Wangviwat, affirmed;

“Once we conclude talks with Binance on the business model and shareholder agreements, a joint venture will be formed, that will apply for the license with regulators.”

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Moreover, she said that the company expects the joint venture to obtain a license for dealing inside six months, and after that, other features would come into work.

Thailand, home to a vast community of Bitcoin miners and one-fourth of blockchain developers, has introduced new regulations for token traders. The rapid growth in crypto exchanging inside Thailand’s economy recorded $7.5 Billion carry on November prompted a response from government authorities looking at how best they can regulate this emerging market at the same time further protecting investors.

In the previous year’s crackdowns by regulators, the Thai financial watchdog filed a complaint over against Binance for operating without a license. Similarly, Gulf-Binance token exdevelopment will have to comply with regulation rules, told Yupapin.

Gulf Energy’s aim for the joint venture

With the move into crypto, Sarath Ratanavadi is looking to expand his company’s reach by investing in digital infrastructure. Last year, he accelerated his ownership of InTouch Holdings Pcl from 30% up past 42%.

InTouch works as the biggest mobile operator in the country, automatic identification system (AIS). On Thursday, Gulf Energy established a JV with AIS and Singapore Telecommunic-actions to construct knowledge centers.

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Yupapin also revealed that the initial plan includes the shift of data centers of 20-40 megawatts in Thailand. The estimated value of the project is over $400 million. Further, she added, “In the protracteder term, we plan to reach 100 MW.”

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Gulf Energy was initiated in 1990 and started to mark multiple achievements, including the power contracts of 5.3 gigawatts it handled efficiently in 2013.

Similarly, in 2017, the firm offered the biggest IPOs in Thailand. And it put the owner in the Forbes list of richest men in Thailand, that presently ranks Sarath as the fifth richest man of the state with a net worth of $12.4 billion.

To outperform in the area, Gulf expanded its infrastructure in the past and snapped up massive projects in recent years, including a $927 million container terminal project and a $1.3 billion LNG contract.

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