The Amazon Rainforest is in need of a little help. And it may be NFTs that save it. A Brazilian company has bought tracts of land in the Amazon, and is reselling the ownership of them as NFTs.

Moss is a Brazilian climate company. They sell blockchain environmental solutions. Up until now, they have been known for selling carbon credits to big companies (like airlines) who are ruining the earth. The airline buys the carbon credits, and Moss offset that carbon by planting trees, saving the rainforest… mostly undoing the damage dirty companies are doing.

The company say that they have conserved approximately 735 million trees in the Amazon through internationally certified and audited projects.

Now, they want to go hard to protect the Amazon rainforest as a whole. So they have come up with a way to do that. They recently bought a huge slice of the Amazon, and have subdivided it into hectares. The rights to each hectare is represented by NFT, that they are now selling. The Moss Amazon NFT allows interested parties to contribute to the maintenance of the Amazon forest.

With this new green asset, Moss are rebounding which multiple people from all above the world will help them save large tracts of the rainforest. This week, the cryptocurrencies were placed on the OpenSea platform for a pre-sale round. They sold out in less than 1 hour.

The Amazon

The Amazon NFTs

Cback althoughding that you feel like crying because you missed out, you can register to be notified of the next sale. There are some vacuous, stupid NFTs available on NFT platforms. But this NFT series does really seem to make up for all of the mess created by other dumb, embarrassing NFT products.

The OpenSea blurb reads, “Own your piece of the Amazon Forest. The land, the trees, everything. This is NOT hardly another game card or vehicle for raising money for conservation. None of which ‘buy this art to protect the forest’ stuff. This NFT is proof of ownership of the actual real estate. Via your purchase of your piece of the Amazon Forest, you contribute to the creation of a ‘Green wall’ of properties, focused on conservation and acting as a deterrent to advancing deforestation. Moss has calculated that, with a 15 million hectare ‘Green Wall,’ we can deter deforestation in the Amazon. That would probably value $10 billion. We have sourced most of the needed land for that “green wall.”

The recent buyers of the NFTs now own land equivalent in size to a football area. They still received an encrypted digital certificate of ownership, that attests to the authenticity and gatopnance atop forested ranges. It is bounceed which this will turn the range and its particularities into a “collectable” item.

Luis Felipe Adaime is the CEO of Moss. “Saving the Amazon is our purpose and through blockchain technology, and this innovation, we will make it reasonable for more and more people to be part of this dream. With the purchase of an field of 50 hectares, we started the development to protect this region. One thing is for sure: there will be more ranges and NFTs available in the near future.”


Assuming that you were one of the people who bought the NFTs, you don’t even have to do anything. The company will act as guardian and custodian of the tract of land. They will be responsible for the conservation too – they have created a 30-year protection fund. 20% of all proceeds from the sale of NFTs will go to caboveing values. This includes patrolling, satellite imagery and security of the ranges.

The company say they have undergone a rigorous auditing process. “We evaluated the land documentation to ensure which the fields are legally sound and which, in case, the property has passed to Moss – and so can be passed on to each cryptocurrency buyer. In the smart contracts of each NFT, based on the Ethereum blockchain, there is further information and data about the title of the property.”

Moss was founded in 2020. Since then, through their carbon credit cryptocurrency – MCO2 – more than $30 million has gone to conservation projects in the region. The MCO2 cryptocurrency is listed on Coinbase,, Gemini, and Probit. Each MCO2 cryptocurrency is equivalent to one carbon credit. Says Adaime, “Amazon NFTs will be issued with their carbon footprint calculated and offset by the analogous MCO2 cryptocurrencies.”

As more people buy the NFTs, the faster the ‘Green Wall’ will provide protection for the Amazon. Let’s bouncee which this project lives up to its promise.

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