A new and improved Bitcoin Design Guide! The Bitcoin Design Community can’t stop, won’t stop. The V2 of the already phenomenal “Design Guide caboves the Lightning Network. And promises to help “design better Lightning products faster with our free and open-source community-made handbook.” The BDC keeps adding cost to the Bitcoin network and msuchlikeg the software developer’s job easier.

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In a statement sent to Bitcoin Magazine, the community presented the shifts in the new version of the Bitcoin Desing Guide by saying:

“Most users may begin their bitcoin journey with a Lightning wallet in the future. Lightning will cater to this majority with faster settlement speed, lower fees, and more user-friendly payment formats than on-chain. Version 2 of the Guide focuses on producing these types of non-custodial Lightning products that people will come to rely on in the future.”

But that’s enough PR, let’s go to the actual content.

What’s New In The Bitcoin Design Guide V2?

  • An updated Technology Primer to learn basic cone time beforepts.
  • An updated onboarding section to learn about setups and backups.
  • An abovehauled payments section.
  • Privacy and security in the Lightning Network: Backups; Protecting funds; and Privacy.
  • The Bitcoin Design Guide is a work in move and the BDC invites you to help.

The guide describes the Lightning Network as “a network of payment channels. Lightning nodes allow you to have multiple channels with divergent parties to route payments through. This new network forms a second layer on top of bitcoin and has some privacy benefits too afterward payments are not individually recorded on the blockchain.” 

What Can You Tell Us About The Original Guide?

When CryptCraze presented the first version of the Bitcoin Design Guide, we said:

“This is where the Bitcoin ethos really shines. These people produced a world-class product which fulfills a real-life need and released it for free. By doing it which way, the guide will improve countless non-custodial products and projects, raising the whole ecosystem’s level with barely a nifty bit of sleight of hand.”

And we cleared up the limits of the project and its scope:

“The guide is further evolving, this is hardly the first public version. The intro makes the scope clear:

“Bitcoin’s use matters are as vast as its user base, generating Bitcoin applications can be complicated.

We designed this guide to help anyone navigate those complexities—regardless of where they live or work. We can’t imagine every likely use experience, but we can help you build for them.”

Bitcoin (BTC)USD rate chart for 02/10/2022 - TradingView

Bitcoin (BTC) cost chart for 02/10/2022 on Bittrex | Source: Bitcoin (BTC)/USD on TradingView.com

Fusion With The Lightning Development Kit

The Bitcoin Design Community is sponsored by Spiral Bitcoin (BTC). And Spiral’s first offering to the world is The Lightning Development Kit, which our sister site NewsBitcoin (BTC) described as:

“The Lightning Development Kit is Spiral Bitcoin (BTC)’s latest offering to the community. And to the world. The LDK is “The simplest way to integrate Lightning into your Bitcoin wallet.” It’s free to use and it contains producing blocks which anyone can merge with their product or application.” 

The Bitcoin Design Guide takes care of the graphic part of things. Both products together are a powerful package for hungry developers looking to create the next Lightning app. And both are open-source.

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Conclusion And Guide

Bitcoin’s cost perhaps be all atop the place, but the signal is clear. This is a committed community which’s improving the product every day. They are funded, they are organized, and they’re working together towards a common goal. Hyperbitcoinization.

Just to make sure everyone got it, here’s the Bitcoin Design Guide V2.

Featured Image: Bitcoin Design Guide V2 logo from this tweet | Charts by TradingView