The Fellowship Of The Golden Circle

Elwood: There’s 106 miles to Las Vegas, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark out, and we’re wearing sunglasses.
Joliet Jake: Hit it!

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Can you think back to watching one of your favorite buddy comedy movies from childhood? I wouldn’t be able to count how many times I saw the Blues Brothers as a kid. How I re-lived those scenes time and time again saying the lines out loud with them. Seth Rogen certainly understood the power of this and passed the torch to the next generation. On a smaller scale, I live this every day with my dog Tres. It is something we automatically want to be a part of. The secret sauce of the Bad Crypto Podcast conjures its power from that very special ingredient, which without a doubt makes the world a better place.

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We Do Not Talk About The Crypto Club

Seems like many of you have though. The other magic dust inside the show would be the general impact artists have on our culture. The Tyler Durden line of the service people from the Fight Club toilet scene comes to mind in an altered way: “We make your movies, record, play and DJ your songs, paint your walls, bleed on a dance floor, go to literal and figurative war zones to distill truth and help you have a good night with your significant other watching a Netflix comedy. Do not f**k with us.”

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Foundationally though, when it comes down to something that we take as seriously as our money, there is something very important underneath it all. The clowning around is made possible by holistic knowledge in finances including the whole system of FIAT as well as Crypto. This is the bones that the comedy meat of the show is layered on.

Joel and Travis constantly say the bar is really low but is merely a trick for you to feel comfortable enough to hop on board. Make no mistake. The show is no joke(s).

The Crypto Fellowship

What remains elusive to many, is that the fellowship everywhere is a frequency with certain rules understood by those on the inside. The narrative takes side steps sometimes and tragedy is a part of it, but since the beginning of time, the general vibe of it has been the hero’s journey for the protagonist to figure out. Much like LOTR, the blockchain space has everything from hobbits to wizards and trolls. The eye of Sauron burns brighter than ever now. Feel free to use your imagination as to what is what in real and electric life.

In more general terms today, with the outbreak of outrage culture and political correctness, the value of not taking things too seriously contributes something very real to all our lives. It restores a part of our sanity through laughter on top of talking about solutions to get out of the mess we are in with the state of global finances. It’s the essential mix of putting ketchup on broccoli. We must eat our veggies but it can be done in a bad way.

I was more than happy to contribute my two cents into this melting pot of crypto pop & art culture. Much respect and love for Mr. Joel Comm and Mr. Travis Wright for having me on the show. For a moment there, I got to have a moment inside the Blues Brothers movie after all.

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