The ROCATI, a Brick to Build the Future

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the economic establishment suggests prudence to people, but now a real revolution has emerged in the sector, represented by the Rocati, which has its strength in bricks, a timeless asset that has always meant security for investors

It is time for cryptocurrencies to make a real leap in quality. The ROCATI concretizes this need by distinguishing itself from other types of electronic money riding the wave of Bitcoin’s success: this digital currency will grow through a concrete good: bricks and mortar. Its value will be consolidated with real estate transactions, and this means that there is no risk of the kind of speculative bubble that finance experts fear with other cryptocurrencies.

From now on it will be easier to buy a house. A cryptocurrency has been born that will help young couples to buy a property and to transform old apartments into modern homes, revaluing them and reducing energy consumption. The Rocati is a currency that does not need an enormous use of electricity for its production, as is required by Bitcoin, and also through the project of restructuring houses, it helps to reduce energy waste by protecting the environment. All this is possible with this new currency, which will see its debut on the market in April. The project stems from the intuition of Emanuele Pinzi, a young graduate in engineering with a specialization in interior architecture in the United States, who has brought together the needs of ordinary people and those of the real estate market: a new form of investment that anticipates the future.

The other cryptocurrencies have a purely speculative origin and it is normal that they are perceived as a high-risk investment. The ROCATI has the function of disengaging people from the banking intermediaries that with their own behavior have proved to be an unreliable channel. This currency is a financial instrument that has within it a social soul that is useful to the community.

The real estate sector is the most important lever of the economy, and restarting it is fundamental for all countries. Creating added value in this sector is essential to deliver into the hands of citizens the security they have lost in investing their savings. The ROCATI, in addition to defending the resources of workers and retirees, also beckons to investors who want to diversify their portfolios. The dream of young couples to create a family by sidestepping all the banking bureaucracy to get a mortgage is becoming a reality. This new method will significantly affect real estate transactions, increasing the GDP of countries, and redistributing wealth in a healthy way to consolidate the future of citizens.

The ROCATI is linked to Itarco, a network of real estate agencies supported by a company that will guarantee credit through the transferable compromise, a form of rent to buy that makes your home unassailable and will eliminate the rent charges paid by the majority of citizens in every country. This act makes the asset acquired inviolable, respecting the great value that the property represents. This procedure secures the financial resources of the buyer, ensuring full enjoyment of the property purchase. The person intending to buy a property will receive a mortgage equal to 100% of the value. The transparency of the operations is guaranteed by a software program through which the notary can register the deed directly on the blockchain of the currency. Those who buy ROCATI know that the currency’s appreciation is linked to real estate transactions, not to speculation, and this brick of security will create conditions for a peaceful future.

In 2017 the value of real estate transactions in Italy amounted to € 118 billion, with an increase of 14%, while in the world, this asset reaches the sum of 217 trillion dollars. According to surveys by real estate observatories, the Italian housing stock is rather obsolete, and only a quarter of households are contemplating renovation work. The ROCATI allows you to buy a house that will be revalued in a short time thanks to a restructuring carried out through a team of architects, at a cost divided into convenient installments within the thirty-year mortgage.

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