The Smarter Solution to Manufacturing: Ins and Outs of Productivist

By decentralizing the supply chain, manufacturing is set for evolution

The manufacturing sector is one of those aspects of life that you can take for granted. It works well, and it seems to be getting better – but like the inner workings of a television set, you probably don’t know why or how the result comes about.

These logistical processes in themselves are fascinating in the post-globalization world in which we live, and their performance and development are largely underpinned by industrial developments in technology and standards.

In fact, terms have been coined to describe the various milestones achieved by these essential business sectors: ‘Industry 4.0’ denoted the increasing impact that interconnectivity has had across the supply chain.

‘Smart Manufacturing’ is a more recent term that refers to similar principles, though it is more representative of recent developments and official government recognition (this is evident from the establishment of the official ‘Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition’ or SMLC in 2012).

Smart Manufacturing 2.0: and Industry Redefined

As you’re reading this site, you’ve probably guessed that we are firm believers that the next evolutionary step will be attributed to Blockchain technology. In this circumstance, the progenitor of progress comes from a company called ‘Productivist’: with their decentralized Ethereum based side-chain/platform.

The platform’s team aims to utilize the inherently immutable, transparent, and exceptionally fast transaction (distributed ledger) benefits of decentralized Blockchain infrastructure. One application of this is the mitigation of cross-country obstructions reinforced by the limitations of the traditional fiat-based industry. These can include currency conversions, tax, regulations, and cultural differences regarding business practices.

Productivist seeks to challenge the current state of the industry through the delivery of a ground-breaking solution that aims to mitigate the previously discussed barriers. Its features also promise to further increase efficiency and contractual compliance within the industry.

How to change an international, disparate industry

Cryptocurrencies as a financial service solution have proven their ability to overcome regulatory and legislative barriers, cultural and standards differences, and the administration and enforcement of contractual agreements by utilizing ‘smart contract’ technology.

In the current market, middlemen have continually acted as intermediaries between commissioning parties and designers and manufacturers, as well as various other stakeholders across the supply chain.

By eliminating the middleman, Productivist additionally promises to reduce the ‘bottlenecking’ often seen with existing centralized service providers by implementing a universal standard based on identified best practices.

To further supersede the status quo of international manufacturing commissioning and service delivery, Productivist will use an economy based on a proprietary exchangeable token (‘PROD’).

Productivist: To buy or not to buy?

It is always of the utmost importance to perform independent research on both new and existing crypto investment opportunities to verify whether the project can be trusted. The first port of call should usually be the team behind the solution, as well as the partnerships they have cultivated.

Four out of five of the co-founding leaders of Productivist are cohorts who met and currently work with each other at This company is a great argument in favor of the pedigree possessed by the senior and executive leadership teams at Productivist, being an established service provider that incorporates the key principles of smart manufacturing as well as Industry 4.0.

Freelabster’s 3D printing and delivery services will act as the primary use case for the multifaceted benefits of Productivist’s chain and platform. In fact, from day one, token holders will be able to not only exchange their coins for those of other currencies but also to use them to purchase services off the Freelabster service store.

A PROD in the right direction

In the future, Productivist aims to make its name through the offering of an open source and adaptable solution for external parties as well as direct partners. The platform will offer APIs and SDKs as well as support to encourage the adoption and on-boarding of participants on both sides of the market (plus marketplaces themselves).

If you like the sound of what you’ve read so far, you should investigate the project’s official resources as soon as possible – their pre-ICO sale has launched on May 1, 2018. As a start, here are links to their website, whitepaper, lite-paper, and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Medium).

Trading expectations (straight from the horse’s mouth) are as follows…

Smart-manufacturing market value by 2025: €321 bln (Source: Grand View Research, Inc)
Market share objective: 0.88%
Annual Volume: €2.84 bln
Daily volume: €7.78 mln
Estimated yearly trading volume for each PROD based on released token supply: €11.93  per PROD.

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