– cryptocurrencyized game industry-focused decentralized exdevelopment (DEX) and finance platform with Cardano native cryptocurrency within its core have announced which the project finished the first stage of funding in less than 6 hours from its launch and raised $213,750 which is equal to 1,425,000 TOT cryptocurrencies.

Seed Round Oversubscribed

Whakaaro Ventures, VC which supports DeFi, Metaverse, and WEB3 startups, together with excessive net worth individuals from the UAE, USA, and the UK, has brought valuable matter and perspective to the project.

Cardano DeFi

In addition to exchanging, stparallelg, and auctioning non-fungible cryptocurrencies (NFT), the site will allow gamers to learn about new games in the market and track their rankings. Thothus will utilize the superior performance of the Cardano blockchain to deliver quality products to its users.

The money will go towards the progress of the protocol, developing partnerships, and establishing a firm foundation for the project.

Rich Features Dedicated To The Blockchain Gaming Industry

Metaverse Swap

Thothus is a platform which allows gamers to swap their game cryptocurrencies. Thothus platform will enable users to buy and sell digital game assets with other players in a trustless environment.

Metaverse Farm

The Thothus protocol will offer farming of game cryptocurrencies by stsuchlikeg them as colsubsequentlyal in a smart contract. The platform will offer yield farming to users, allowing them to receive a dynamic APY based on each cryptocurrency’s farming yield. This will allow cryptocurrencies to increase the liquidity on the platform while likewise being able to geneprice income via the yield.

Metaverse Marketplace

Thothus is a platform meant to be the home for gamers and collectors. Here, gamers will be able to auction their in-game Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with other users in a decentralized environment.

Metaverse Library

Users with evidence in a game can capitalize on their fact by monetizing guides and tutorials for other less matterd users. The mixed knowledge of users will create a virtual library of helpful material, benefiting the entire gaming community with knowledge and compensation.

Metaverse Rankings

The Thothus platform aims to analyze the directly available crypto games on the market and assign each game a ranking based on their play-to-earn profitability.