Top ICO Announces Lucrative Commercial Partnership with Andromeda Group

Promising ICO Qurrex has recently announced a bumper new partnership, which will see their token sale boosted by more than $5 million (USD).

The firm, promising to deliver a new “hybrid” exchange, has amassed huge amounts of interest from both the crypto and business communities. And now, Qurrex has announced an attractive partnership with blockchain private holdings specialists Andromeda Group.

The investors are excited about the huge potential in the Qurrex model and, in particular, took note of QRX, the token resulting from this ICO.

Pavel Kornilov, Co-Founder of Andromeda Group, said: “We see Qurrex as a potentially strong player in the market and glad to develop our relationship. We also believe that the quality of QRX token buyers will be one of the key factors of the future success of the project.”

Andromeda Group intends to be hands-on with the venture, developing future fundraising strategies, assisting with the fundraising process, business development strategy and commercial partnerships. Thanks to its part-centralized and part-decentralized exchange solution, Qurrex could be on track to deliver the first truly next-generation exchange, offering more tokens and coins, and subsequently, effective liquidity between them.

Now, thanks to a bumper token sale, the business is on track to hit its max cap of $55m before the end of the crowd sale.

Qurrex’s next-generation platform integrates the industrial-grade centralized infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges (CEX), like NASDAQ, NYSE, and LSE, with a decentralized blockchain-based network (DEX).

Key features of the Qurrex platform include high-end performance supporting up to 70,000 transactions per second, next-gen security, maximum transparency, high-speed APIs, and 24/7 user support.

The platform will substantially increase the market’s liquidity and set a new standard for crypto-exchange products.

The team behind Qurrex includes seasoned professionals with expertise in investment banking, stock exchange infrastructure development, and business development. Netherlands-based CEO Matthijs Johan Lek leads the firm.

Matthijs Johan Lek said in a statement: “We expect the partnership with Andromeda Group to strengthen our capabilities and enable us to deliver new features to our product. It is an important milestone in Qurrex’s journey in becoming the first professional and truly global hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform.”

The Qurrex ICO continues in May, with high expectations of hitting the max cap. Interested parties can take part by visiting

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