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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Spain’s Iberdrola Uses Blockchain To Confirm Origin Of Renewable Energy

Iberdrola says its blockchain pilot guarantees that the energy supplied to the…

Surprise! Constantinople Delayed Due To Security Vulnerability

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Cryptopia Goes Offline After Hack Causes Major Losses

The exchange involved in launching New Zealand’s dollar-pegged cryptocurrency has reported a…

BitMEX Reportedly Shuts Down Trade Accounts In US And Quebec

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3 hours ago
Ethereum Classic Blog Section
- Building #RaspberryPi & low power device ETC nodes
- Debunking 51% misconceptions
- New core team
- The history of ETC
9 hours ago
#ETCLabs incubator launches new dev team, ETCLabs Core, to develop and maintain core projects, create tools for #dApp developers, while enhancing ecosystem.

ETC Labs Introduces Dedicated Team to Focus on Core Ethereum Classic Projects
13 hours ago
"Controversy clearly not killed ETC, and if SlowMist announces the results of its investigation, the coin’s image can only improve."

Ethereum Classic Attacker May Soon Be Located; Hacker Returns Funds via
16 hours ago
“The attacker can’t create new coins out of thin air, he can’t control anyone’s balance! It’s nonsense.”

Crypto Mythbusters: 51% Attack Explained - 2Miners Blog @pool2miners
1 day ago
New Episode of "Let's Talk ETC!" #64🎙️

Anthony & Yaz of ETC Co-op speak on the latest ETC
news including: #LLVM support, #RaspberryPi ETC nodes and
recent 51% attacks

Have a listen🎧


#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
2 days ago
The @etclabscore team will be focused on core Ethereum Classic projects, supporting the ETC blockchain, providing tooling for decentralized application development, mining, and services.

Introducing ETC Labs Core — An ETC Core Development Team