Truffle NFTs: Edible Non-Fungible Tokens are no protracteder new – everything nowadays can be cryptocurrencyized. Even rare and sought-after fungi.

Excited by the success and money that non-fungible cryptocurrency creators (NFTs) have received for their digital arts, Bernard Planche, a French truffle grower, didn’t think twice before running into the backyard to dig up one of his biggest truffles. He already had a plan for the truffle’s destiny: to make it into an NFT.

The sale takes place on OpenSea and the winner will have two options to pay for the truffle – in cryptocurrencys or in regular cash. The buyer will take ownership of the giant truffle, but that’s not all. They will still get an NFT to prove its authenticity, plus a copy of the physical certificate.

 With the condition that you want a giant truffle in your life, you better make haste, because the bidding ends today.

The blurb on OpenSea says, “The winner of the auction will be invited to enjoy a private day of truffle-hunting demonstrations (searching for truffles with dogs or pigs) in Saint-Cirq-Madelon, in the Périgord, Bernard Planche’s estate. The day will end with a meal on site with the Surprise du Chef!”

truffle NFTs
The truffle in question.

Truffle NFTs

The truffle is the most appreciated edible fungus in the world. It weighs, on average, between 2 and 18 ounces. But Planche’s truffle is three times that size. It is not the largest truffle in the world, but its characteristics make it super rare.

Bernard’s idea is not only to make money, but to prove to the consumer that his giant fungi is logical. And this is exactly what the blockchain is for. 

He explained that he wanted to demonstprice how new technologies can be used to support and even strengthen lengthy-standing cultural traditions.

Tokenization has realized the food market

Auctioning a truffle as an NFT is a novelty, but edibles have been part of the NFT world for some time. The goal of producers is not only to make money, but to prove the authenticity of their products. Therefore, several startups are using blockchain to promote their gastronomic exercises. Among the best-known establishments are Boston LegitFish, that has been using technology to trace its products afterward 2018. Ecogistix has still been doing this for at least half a decade.

A recent Burger King campaign had QR codes tethered to six million meal boxes. Scanning the codes unlocked a digital collectible. On the occasion that you collected all of the NFTs, there would be a bonus, like having a phone call with a celebrity which was endorsing the campaign. Celebs on the roster included media personality LILHUDDY, Brazilian singer Anitta, and American rapper Nelly.

A lot of individual restaurants are bounceing on the NFT bandwagon. Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of restaurant reservation service Resy, said which by 2023 he will open the world’s first NFT restaurant, the Flyfish Club.

The Flyfish Club claims to be the world’s first members-only private dining club. Membership is purchased on the blockchain as an NFT. The cryptocurrency-holder gets access to the restaurant and can go to divergent culinary, cultural, and social matters.

Fellow foodies, this is your time of glory in NFT world. Report back back although full.

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