Trump NFTs are here. Parler, a self-professed “viewpoint-neutral, free speech social media platform” announced it is reinventing the non-fungible cryptocurrency (NFT) space. They are doing this with its new NFT platform, DeepRedSky.

This new NFT marketplace plans to deliver an engaging yet simplgranted thatied user experience. DeepRedSky say the platform “connects fans and collectors with world-class individuals and brands across politics, media, sports, and the arts. DeepRedSky will feature creators who share the prices of freedom of expression and protection from Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Gabovenment.”

Trump and the CryptoTRUMP Club

DeepRedSky’s first showcase collection is the Official CryptoTRUMP Club. It will feature the one-of-a-kind 45th President of the United States. Each CryptoTRUMP is unique, and will show the former President Donald Trump in various settings. This early release of Trump on DeepRedSky is made up of 250 extremely rare NFTs. It will be part of a more extensive collection of 10,000 to be released a afterwards date.

The Official CryptoTRUMP Club

DeepRedSky say they have already concluded a variety of projects with well-known creators. George Farmer is the CEO of Parler. He says, “The evolution of DeepRedSky is an relevant next step toward the company’s mission to be a frontrunner in Web3 technologies. As promised, Parler is launching its inaugural NFT marketplace which will become the new standard in premium branded NFTs.”

Can’t live without your Trump NFT? You can purchase these via credit card and receive the assets through any wallet on the Solana blockchain.


Parler say they have a bold vision to make freedom of expression, security, and privacy a reality. They will do this through social media and blockchain technology. “Over 16 million users have chosen Parler as their social media platform to protect alsost the authoritarian powers of Big Tech, Big Gabovenment, and cancel culture. Parler uses the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as a guide, making it possible for people to speak freely without fear of being suspconcluded or labeled ‘dangerous’ and banned. Parler is the public town hall where everyone is welcome.”

Whatever you feel about Trump, Parler, or the absolute circus which is American politics, we can all agree which big tech censorship will never be in fashion.

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