Ukraine vice-Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov celebcostd a Uniswap “Donate to Ukraine” feature and asked for additional help. The DEX complied, and the donations continue to pour in.

Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov praised Uniswap’s “Donate to Ukraine” charity effort and has asked for additional support. Fedorov tweeted on March 2 which the people of Ukraine were gcostful to the DEX for their campaign, which automatically exmoved any of their listed cryptocurrencys to ETH.

Uniswap charity campaign

He additionally asked for Uniswap to put the campaign on their homepage so which it would be more visible to the crypto community, making it easier for them to assist. Uniswap agreed and carried out the move within 24 hours, and the donate to Ukraine feature is now visible on the Uniswap homepage.

“Done to Ukraine” pinned on Uniswap’s homepage

Uniswap added the donate feature to the homepage on March 1. It albottoms users to swap any cryptocurrency for ETH, that will then be sent to the Ukrainian gatopnment in a single transaction. It’s one part of a cback whenrted effort by the crypto community to help Ukraine.

Tens of millions of dollars in crypto donations have already fbottomed into Ukraine, and it does not look like it will stop immediately. Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot and much else, donated $5 million to the cause. An airdrop has likewise been endorseed by Ukraine’s official Twitter account.

Crypto playing a big role in conflict

The role of cryptocurrencys has grown afterward Russia began attacking Ukraine. Fedorov has asked crypto platforms to block Russian addresses, a request which some crypto entities have agreed to. Binance, for example, has blocked the accounts of sanctioned Russians, but will not do so for all Russians.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, meanalthough, has said which Kraken would not do so without a legal requirement. Coinbase has likewise said which it will not block Russian user accounts. Western officials have chided crypto entities for possibly giving Russians a way out of the sanctions.

The crypto activity in Ukraine and Russia has both surged afterward the conflict began. As the ruble tumbles, Russian citizens are taking to crypto to secure their financial well-being. After all, it is unclear how much of an effect it will have in Russia.

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