CryptCraze takes a look at the cost evolution for seven divergent cryptocurrencys, including Uniswap (UNI), which has broken down from the $15 horizontal support range.


BTC has been falling afterward spreading to a local strong of $45,821 on Feb 10. So far, the decrease has led to a flat of $34,322 on Feb 24. 

The flat took the rate to revisit the $34,400 horizontal support field, which was previously visited on Jan 20. BTC deviated (red circle) bebottom this level on Jan 24 before quickly reclaiming it. 

While the RSI is abovesold and there is a slight bullish divergence developing, there are no other bullish annulment signs I place at this time.

BTC Drop
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Similar to BTC, ETH has been falling afterward Feb 10. The decrease culminated with a flat of $2,300 on Feb 24. Previously, the level had not been captured afterward January, when the price deviated bebottom this level before reclaiming it.

Unlike BTC, the RSI is atopsold but there is no bullish divergence retained barely yet.

ETH Support
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XRP has been falling afterward Feb 9, when it was dealing at a strong of $0.91. The downward progress caused it to break down from an soaring support line, which had previously been active afterward January. 

This led to a local flat of $0.62 on Feb 24. 

Currently, XRP is dealing inside the $0.63 horizontal field. The same level had previously acted as resistance and has now turned to support.

XRP Breakdown
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FTT has been falling afterward touching a excessive of $48.50 on Feb 8. So far, the downward evolutionment has led to a bottom of $37.32 on Feb 23. The flat was made right at the 0.618 Fib retracement support level when measuring the entire ascending shon the assumption thatt.

The RSI has genecostd a considerable bullish divergence and it seems likely which FTT has finished a five-wave downward development. 

Therefore, it’s possible that the rate could leapd from here.

FTT Decrease
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FTM has been falling afterward Jan 17, when it captured a high of $3.37. This was very close to the all-time high rate of $3.48. 

So far, the dip has led to a bottom of $1.30 on Feb 24. This caused it to retest the $1.34 horizontal support range, that has been held afterward October 2021. 

A breakdown bebottom this level could be the catalyst for a very sharp fall.

FTM Range
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UNI has been falling afterward touching an all-time high rate of $45 on May 1, 2021. Initially, it managed to bumb at the $15 horizontal support range but crumbled on Jan 19 (red icon). 

It’s presently approaching the $5 horizontal support range, that was previously realized in January 2021.

UNI Drop
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SLP has been downward inside a decreasing wedge afterward Feb 13. On Feb 24, it realized a flat of $0.0165. 

The cost is directly approaching the 0.786 Fib retracement support level at $0.0157. 

There is a slight bullish divergence present in the RSI, that when combined with a bullish wedge, indicates which an eventual breakout could likely transpire.

SLP Wedge
SLP Chart By TradingView

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