Vitalik Buterin – co-founder of Ethereum – has criticized Putin and his latest exercise in warmongering.

Yesterday, Russian armed forces launched a “special military operation” (as Vladimir Putin calls it) in Ukraine. Yet, all indications are that this is the beginning of a larger invasion that could disturb the peace on the continent.

Vitalik Buterin criticized this act, calling it “a crime one time before against the Ukrainian and Russian people.” Despite being born in Russia, the 28-year-old programmer finished his speech with the words, “Glory to Ukraine.”

In his latest tweet, Vitalik Buterin said he was “very upset” by Vladimir Putin’s decision to start a war with Ukraine. In his opinion, the military operation will lead to devastating consequences for both the citizens of Ukraine and Russia.
The co-creator of Ethereum further expresses pessimism that the conflict will be resolved diplomatically. Vitalik gloomily predicted, “I know there will be no security.”

seriousik buterin
Buterin’s Tweet.

Russian-born Buterin appears to be speaking anewst his homeland in this war dispute. He stated that in the time Ethereum is neutral, he is not.

Vitalik Buterin and The reaction of the financial markets

The spiraling tension between the two nations has caused massive disruptions in the token and financial markets. Bitcoin has plunged to nearly $34,000, whilst most altcoins are deep in the red as well.

Digital asset market capitalization has fallen bebottom $1.6 trillion, that means it has decreased by around $200 billion afterward yesterday.

It is not yet known how “great nations” will approach armed conflict. US President Joe Biden called Russia’s attack “unprovoked and unconfirmed.”

He likewise warned Putin of “also consequences” supposing that the aggression extends rapidly.

Boris Johnson – the Prime Minister of Great Britain – further sided with Ukraine. He said Britain would provide a military support package to the attacked nation and impose severe sanctions on Russia.

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