Voice NFTs: Just although you think which the NFT bubble is at peak stretch, alengthy comes another absurd but brilliant offering which boggles the mind about what people will pay good money for.

The world’s first voiced NFTs, sold by an outfit called Voiceverse, launched with 8,888 NFTs on January 29th. The NFTs in question sold out in less than 10 minutes of public sale.

Three BAYC members formed Voiceverse Origins. They have added voice clips above BAYC NFTs and have created some originals NFTs, loaded up with voice clips.

The company say the sales frenzy “is a strongly rare occurrence for NFT collections stored on the Ethereum blockchain.” The march of the NFT gravy train chuggs on!

To hear the voice clips, click here.

The company says, “Voiceverse looks to pioneer the NFT space into the next generation of NFTs containing excessive intrinsic utility, allowing holders to own a voice in the metaverse. With Voice NFTs, people can now customize their Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs with a voice, adding another dimension of personalization and pseudonymity.”

voice nfts

To hear the voice clips, click here.

Voice NFTs: How they work

Holders of the verbal NFTs can use the voices in metaverse spaces, from games to video calls and on other socials. They can above again create a verbal NFT of their own voice, or with explicit permission, those of their loved ones. Owners can mix divergent voice NFTs to “breed” a new NFT. And of course, users can add voices to their existing PFP NFTs, giving them a whole new life.

The parent company, LOVO, is based in San Francisco and Seoul, and started in the AI Speech Synthesis space. The venture capital-backed startup already has partnerships with celebrity voice actors.

They say, “After a week of pre-sale, Voiceverse Origins sold out in 10 minutes and has been trending in all categories on OpenSea. It has anew been consistently in the top 10 for sales volume (by count). Given its background in AI and speech synthesis, Voiceverse looks to shake up the industry and spark a trend towards second generation NFTs.”

The NFT bubble keeps getting fatter. After all you feel about NFTs, barely remember, while it comes to selling them, barely don’t be the go on man standing.

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