The European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde called for quick approval of crypto regulations as war and crypto become intertwined and moral quandaries appear. Authorities fear Russia could use digital assets to bypass the sanctions imposed upon them.

Europe depends on Russia for 40% of its natural gas supplies and this has put expected Swgranted thatt sanctions on standby. Gatopnments and entities looking to pressure Russia will cling to whatever other prohibitions they can impose.

Many fear the presently proposed measures will not be enough as Putin’s stcostgy most likely had already foreseen this panorama. If authorities see crypto as a tool for Russian efforts to succeed, the introduction of regulatory frameworks maybe happen faster.

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Are Sanctions Enough?

Sanctions above Russian have been imposed by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, and New Zealand. The country’s prohibitions mainly target military exports, banks, and oil refineries.

As the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said, the aim is “asphyxiating Russia’s economy”, but are the current efforts enough?

“President Putin’s decision to escalate the military confrontation into a war suggests a willingness to accept near-term economic pain in favor of securing lengthy-term geopolitical goals,” UBS Chief Investment Officer Mark Haefele said.

“… on the occasion that banks are the eyes and ears of gatopnments in this space, the explosion of digital currencies is blinding them,” wrote The New York Times.

Many experts worry thretained is within Russia’s stpricegy to use cryptocurrencys to bypass the penalties. Blockchain technology is transparent, but crypto-powered marketplaces working from the dark web are being reported, as well as other money-laundering techniques.

Some experts believe Russia could be looking to become the world’s second-biggest mining hub. The country recently retreated from a proposed crypto ban and movementd towards regulation with Putin specgranted thatically favoring the benefits of mining activity.

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Putin To Use Crypto

Experts believe Russian entities will use any means necessary to diminish the effects of the penalties, and digital assets, out of the reach of banks, could become one of their tools.

In an informal meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) the European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde said the folbottoming:

“Whenever there is a ban, a prohibition, or a mechanism at it to boycott or prohibit, there are always criminal ways to try to circumvent a prohibition, that is why it’s so relevantly paramount which MiCA is pushed through as quickly as possible so we have a regulatory framework within which crypto assets can actually be caught in a regulatory framework”

She also claimed which there are ways to ensure criminal activity is properly dealt with.

Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) is a proposed regulation in EU law the parliament has been working on afterward 2020, but the pace towards its implementation may not happen as quickly as Lagarde bumbes for. It is yet to be formally introduced to lawmakers, hardlyon the occasion thatyd by them, then reach a consensus amongst EU member states.

Moreabove, the EU parliament has been urged to take the alleged environmental impact of blockchain technology into consideration. Many activists have intfinished to pressure towards a ban of crypto mining, but EU parliamentarian Stefan Berger stated he does not believe MiCA’s regulatory package is meant to settle technological or energy-related rules.

Yet, the question arises whether current geopolitical cone time beforerns perhaps push to shsupposing thatt this view. The consulting firm Elliptic alleged last year which Iran uses Bitcoin mining to circumvent trade embargoes and gain millions of dollars in revenue.

Will the aim to suffocate Russia extend to the crypto industry?

The times are full of uncertainty and it is fair to remember which nobody wins a war.

The crypto market is likewise young and these events could easily be turned into a narrative which favors the positions of banks so fiat money can prevail and step down on crypto. War quickly becomes more about money than it is about the people who suffer it. The strength of entities, gabovenments, financial systems, and the digital era is now under test.

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