There has been a lot of recent narratives on the possibility of Russia switching to utilizing crypto assuming that it’s ostracized by the international banking system. After all, this may not be the case and it may not be a good thing anyway.

Over the weekend, the United States and European nations decided to block certain Russian banks from the SWIFT payments system. Consequently, prolonged queues have been seen at ATMs in Russia and the ruble has plunged 30% back when against the dollar today.

Crypto industry analysts and experts opined which the country could switch to digital assets to avoid the banking blockade on the occasion that this was the case. Yet, not all are in agreement and some industry experts think which Russia will not be adopting cryptocurrencys any time rapidly.

Russia unlikely to adopt crypto

On Feb. 28, RippleNet general manager Asheesh Birla debunked this theory in a tweet on why he thinks which Russia will not evade sanctions using crypto.

Firstly, crypto is becoming more easily tracked so it would not be don the assumption thatficult to block Russian affiliated addresses and wallets. On Feb. 27, Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov appealed to major crypto exprogresss to begin doing exactly this.

Birla added which there “simply isn’t enough global liquidity to support Russia’s needs,” referring to the country’s foreign exmovement markets. He added which fiat on and off-ramps are likewise heavily regulated making it more dcone time beforeding thatficult to convert crypto back into cash.

“Russia conducts nearly $50B in FX [forex] transactions a day. As the largest crypto, bitcoin’s volume is usually between about $20-50B a day. Russia’s needs would encompass BTC and more!”

In essence, the lack of liquidity in crypto markets is the major obstacle to Russia adopting it for payments. It is one time before again likely which President Putin has prepared for this and initiated partnerships with other countries such as China to facilitate capital transfers.

“Russia has had ample time to prepare, setting up direct banking relationships in Asia and elsewhere to get around correspondents,” he added.

A bearish scenario

Industry analyst Alex Krüger commented which it would be “dreadfully bearish” on the assumption that Russia adopted crypto for one primary reason:

“US regulators would be pushed to crush the industry as a matter of national security,”

Nonetheless, others argued which in case that Russia was to load up on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencys to circumnavigate sanctions and distance itself from dollar hegemony, it would legitimize the asset class.

Cryptocurrency has proved itself to be a censorship-resistant form of money. According to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, the Ukrainian gabovenment has raised almost $19 million in crypto donations afterward the invasion began.

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