Why You Should Invest in AirPod Tokens in Such Times of Uncertainty

Cryptocurrencies and the earning potential associated with them has made it an attractive financial asset. In addition to regular day-traders and small-time crypto-investors, the interest it has garnered from renowned mainstream investors as they include them in their portfolios has further increased the demand for these digital assets. However, the global cryptocurrency market has been under a cloud of uncertainty in the recent times. The year 2018 will definitely be regarded as a year full of uncertainties and surprises. After an impressive performance by the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market has taken a nose dive at the beginning of this year.

As the market recovers, a majority of the cryptocurrencies have stayed true to their volatile characteristics by either losing value or making unpredictable gains. These violent swings have also become a cause of concern to many who are invested in the digital currencies. While there is no surety about the return on investments with conventional cryptocurrencies, AirPod’s own crypto-tokens (APOD) stand apart from the rest, thanks to its unique model.

Unlike rest of the market, the APOD tokens are designed to provide returns over a prolonged duration as it is backed by an actual full-fledged real-world business model. These tokens will consistently remain stable throughout, almost immune to the market turmoil.

So, What’s AirPod?

AirPod is a -capsule style- private unit which can be installed in public spaces such as airports, hotels, railway and bus stations, offices and more. They came in a sleek, ergonomic design with an ideal environment for people seeking an area to relax, sleep, or even work in private, in a public place. The units will have various features to enhance the user experience such as sound reduction technology and Wi-Fi, among others. These units are interconnected to each other over blockchain and the platform is powered by its own native ERC20 compliant APOD tokens. While the blockchain provides transparency and security to the network, these tokens act as the preferred mode of value exchange over the platform.

Heavy on Large Cap Tokens

The APOD tokens are a blessing in disguise to the crypto-ecosystem in the times of global uncertainty. As AirPod builds its own economy based on the native APOD tokens, it provides an opportunity for the token holders to enter into a Sponsorship Program that acts as a profit-share agreement with the company. Those investing in APOD can covert them to enroll into the program over a DApp platform, to be introduced in the second phase of development.

This positions APOD tokens as a safe haven, which is the most common and time-tested strategy to navigate through the current market conditions. Being part of Sponsorship Program gives members the opportunity to get stable passive crypto-income, which is not directly influenced by the bear market. APOD tokens are a good choice for the ones who are heavy on large-cap tokens, but their returns are generally low.

Enhance The Token Value Further In Future.

The Ideal portfolio is the one that can maximize returns while keeping volatility as low as possible. The cryptocurrency market is subject to extreme volatility, which is ineffective at creating a stable economy. However, the APOD token will not be dependent on the crypto-market. The trick will be to influence APOD tokens liquidity by the AirPod business, which is only set to grow with time. This is because the travel community is poised for major future growth. People will always find the need to travel, and AirPod will always be there to accommodate.

While the number of distributed AirPods and users grow, the frequency of tokens purchased from listed exchanges will grow as well. It will in turn automatically increase the value of token over time.  The company, in order to maintain the value of APOD tokens, will continue to buyback the tokens from exchanges and place them back at a higher price to encourage an upward movement of its price.

Hence, AirPod ensures a way to manage uncertainty and risk irrespective of the crypto market condition, with the growing travel community enhancing the token value further in future.

Learn more about AirPod at – https://air-pod.io/

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