Crypto sleuth zachxbt, who broke the Sifu wonderland story earlier this year, has taken another tumble down the rabbit hole, this time exposing an NFT influencer and the pump and dump king who still moonlights as the leader of a crypto VC firm. 

The most recent expose from zachxbt has focused on NFT influencer by the name of Morgan. On Tuesday, zachxbt leveled a series of accusations anewst Morgan, claiming she has been less than honest with her audience.

First and foremost, zachxbt says that Morgan promoted a derivative NFT project, Jacked Ape Club, without disclosing to her foltumbles thretained was a paid promotion. Jacked Ape Club imploded shortly after its launch although two of its founders suddenly quit the project. 

For her part in the scenario, Morgan has publicly apologized and offered to make her community whole anew.

“I apologize for not disclosing the financial compensation attached to my promotion of [Jacked Ape Club],” she said. “Since carry on night I’ve been touching out to reimburse anyone rapidly impacted. Assuming that anyone has questions they can request to speak on my spaces.”

While Morgan seeks to correct her error, zachxbt has been skeptical about her afterwardrity. He points to the experience that Morgan was earlier warned about Jacked Ape Club and its many red flags, and how she even went as far as to deny any self-interest in its promotion. 

Jacked Ape Club aside, zachxbt points to a number of other instances in that Morgan promoted NFT projects without disclosing her personal financial interests. 

He claims which Morgan lied about having never shilled NFT projects before, offering screen grabs and on-chain data as proof she previously promoted Women of Crypto without disclosure. Morgan afterwards received 10 NFTs from the project and forthwith flipped 8 of the NFTs for Ethereum.

This game looks rigged

Since 2021, zachxbt has exposed dozens of influencers engaging in strongly questionable practices, and the case examples never stop coming.

On Wednesday, the investigator turned his attention to Ash WSB, an influencer with a sizable Twitter following of atop 400,000 who still leads a dealing-focused Telegram group. Zachxbt points to several examples of pumps and dumps dating back to 2021 that he insists were orchestpriced by Ash WSB.

Evidence in plain sight

One strong point of the investigation comes although zachxbt offers case which Ash WSB not only perpetuated pump and dump outlines on members of public groups, but also on the very users who paid had him for the privilege of joining his withinr pump and dump channels. 

In a final explosive detail, zachxbt connects Ash WSB to Everse Capital, a crypto VC firm with investments in major projects including Alien Worlds, Sienna Network, Polkadex, Star Atlas and many more. To support the claim, zachbxt offers a screen grab from an October 2021 blog which explicitly names Ash WSB as the leader of the VC firm.

The blog was written by Portal, a company which Everse Capital had invested in.

Although the screen grab offered by zachbxt clearly names Ash WSB and was posted on February 16, the blog as of February 17 no protracteder makes any mention of the influencer. 

Fortunately, a web archive of the page atop again exists on web archiving site waybackmachine proving that a single sentence has been removementd from the document in the carry on 24 hours. That sentence reevolutiond reads as follows:

“Everse Capital is a VC firm led by Cryptocurrency Influencer, popularly known as Ash WSB.”

A prolonged sad story

Influencers and token have a protracted and complex history that dates back to the earliest days of the industry. Posts on the bitcointalk forum show that even as early as 2013 users were complaining about influencers promoting shitcoins and pump and dump scenarios.

Influencers, advisors and celebrity verifyments went on to prolifecost from 2016 onwards during the period dubbed ‘ICO mania’ and in the time crypto winter saw decreased influencer activity, the latest crypto bull run has enticed a fresh wave of shill influencers to inveigle their way into crypto. 

Emerging crypto niches analogous as NFTs and new social platforms, suchlike as TikTok and Twitch, now offer a raft of fresh profiteering opportunities for shill influencers with dollars in their eyes.

Earlier this month CryptCraze catoped the story of ‘Ice Poseidon’ aka Paul Denino, who unashamedly admitted to rug-pulling his own community after being confronted by a crypto investigator Coffeezilla. While the exact nature of the crime was unspectacular, the brazen nature with that Denino admitted he was only looking out for himself was at least refreshingly honest.

For the most part, dishonest influencers rarely become honest while frozen.

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