XMRwallet – The First Web-based Anonymous Monero Wallet

XMRwallet, the world’s first secure wallet to send and receive Monero instantly, has recently been launched. The launch was accompanied by an announcement listing its various features designed to benefit the community. The XMRwallet has integrated improved and interesting features including client-side operations, faster transactions and complete privacy and security.

XMRwallet has already gained a lot of attention and positive feedback from the community mainly due to the features like great user design, support for 10 languages, and ability to send maximum amount.

What is Monero?

Monero is a secure digital cash which is operated by a user network. It is decentralized in nature and all transactions happening over the network are confirmed using distributed consensus. Like most of the other cryptocurrencies, the transaction information is then recorded immutably on the blockchain. With Monero, users don’t have to trust any third-parties to keep they funds safe. Unlike some leading cryptocurrencies, the Monero blockchain obfuscates all receiving/sending addresses and transaction amounts to provide additional privacy to its users. This way, no one can link the Monero blockchain to a particular user or make a real-world identity match.

The Monero ecosystem users stealth address, ring confidential transactions and ring signature to obfuscate the destinations, origins and amounts of all transactions.

The XMRwallet

The XMRwallet is a specially designed, web-based, client-side anonymous Monero wallet that enables instant sending and receiving of Monero.  The XMRwallet aims to ensure faster, easier and uninterrupted Monero transactions. The launch of XMRwallet comes at a time when the community can do with another Monero web wallet, which would help with decentralization in case MyMonero is inaccessible.

The core features of the XMRwallet include:

  • Fully client-side
  • Fast transactions
  • Instant account creation
  • Multiple language support (At present, it supports 10 languages)
  • Compatible with MyMonero seed (import wallet)
  • Compatible with original Monero seed (import wallet)
  • No transaction import required (entire wallet sync)
  • Visible height synchronization (with progress bar)
  • XMR/USD balance view (auto updates)
  • Max function on send page
  • Multiple seed access (in new tab)
  • No registration required, No logs


Looking Forward

The newer and more advanced features are to be added in the XMRwallet. The features that are currently in development include seamless access to coins on forked chains like Monero Classic (XMC), Monero Original (XMO), and MoneroV (XMV), and a Twitter account for live updates.

To know more about the platform and its features and advantages, please visit https://www.xmrwallet.com/#/landing.html

To easily and quickly create an account and get started, log onto https://www.xmrwallet.com/#/login.html


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