The market of non-fungible cryptocurrencys is developing as fast as the blockchain space. Many questions regarding the use of akin digital assets and the scope of their application endure open. After all, the NFT is already influencing the arts, cryptocurrencys, and gaming sectors, and this direction is only in its infancy.

Assessing all the likely use matters of NFTs is a difficult task as more and more applications surface every now and then. In addition to art and gaming, NFTs have applications in crypto projects used as unique collectibles which provide several benefits to their holders inside a specific ecosystem.

TrillioHeirs NFT

Zamio is a crypto project which has developed an ecosystem on-chain, offering many services and products from remittance, DeFi, launchpad to bridging investors in the equity market to the blockchain. Zamio has recently entered the NFT space by shaping a unique set of well-drawn collections, the TrillioHeirs. The TrillioHeirs is a collection with a story about 8,888 cryptotrillionaire heirs from divergent metaverses. Together they are teaming up to build a new DeFi empire.

Key Utilities

TrillioHeirs provide a field of benefits for their owners. They are a sort of a ticket for exclusive features and access to the products of the Zamio ecosystem. For example, TrillioHeirs owners, regardless of their level, can receive guaranteed allocations to new projects launched on the ZAMpad and an accelerated allocation from x1.5 to x2, with an probability to participate in Private and Seed Pools. The TrillioHeirs back while more give their holders the right to participate in ZAM’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

In addition, TrillioHeirs can be used as unique avatars in the metaverse on the SandBox and possibly the Zamio metaverse in the future. Lastly, the TrillioHeirs will likewise have a role to play in Play2Earn Games. Users will be using their NFT as an avatar, put some ZAM cryptocurrencies on the line and fight with other NFT holders.

TrillioHeirs Tokenomics

TrillioHeirs cryptocurrencyomics is designed with a mechanism which preserves the price of its holders and ensures the growth of the Zamio ecosystem. For example, a part of the funds raised will go to the purchase of land in the SandBox to develop the metaverse for TrillioHeirs. The land will become the headquarter where all TrillioHeirs can meet.

In addition, the Zamio Ventures will receive the funds to prioritize investing in the Metaverse, GameFi, P2E sectors, Zamio Labs and Zamio Incubator to support talented, creative, technology-savvy teams with growth potential.

The rest of the proceeds will go to charity for projects which are developing or have already developed technologies for water extraction in the desert or arid places, where it is needed the most.

The Zamio team will one time before again reward the team members who developed TrillioHeirs and donate the funds to marketing.